Scan Like a Master
Intraoral Scanning Course 
SYD, MELB, BRIS - Australia. Dates TBC 2023

Master Intraoral Scanning and Learn How to Fully Utilise your Intraoral Scanner.

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Check Out the Feedback From Our Melbourne Attendees in 2022

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Ahmad really knows his stuff, he's enthusiastic and that really is quite infectious.

"This course has, really given me a lot of confidence, but it's massively exceeded my expectations. Ahmad really knows his stuff, he is really absolutely on it, and he's enthusiastic, and that really, is quite infectious. It's been, it's been a really good day."

"This is the way dentist is going, right, and if you don't get on board now, you're just gonna get left behind and you need someone who has already been down this road."

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I've gone to two courses in the last 10 years that have changed my life. This is one of them!

"I got dragged into digital dentistry kicking and screaming. I bought a scanner just about threw it out the window in the first week. My office manager found this course and I thought, why not?

I've already invested this much in it. I've gone to two courses in the last 10 years that have changed my life. This is one of them. 

Can't more highly recommend it. If you've got a scanner, you need to do this course, that's it. "

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I wanted a course customised to Medit, so, I just have to do IT.

Because I'm new to scanning I wanted to cover everything, that I need to know because it's hard to find the time to learn and you have to spend extra time after work to try and work out what each of the buttons do. I'm not very software friendly, so I thought if there's a course that's out there, I'm gonna do that, so it's been great.

I wanted a course customised to Medit, so, when it came up, I thought, I just have to do this course. 

Day 1 Theory Course Outline:

  • The first day is an in-depth theory training on everything you need to know about mastering scanning.
  • You will learn the ideal scanning strategy for all clinical situations - full arch, implants, edentulous, quadrant
  • Learn and understand ideal isolation and retraction techniques when using scanners. 
  • Demonstrations on how to take perfect full arch scans within 45 seconds and how to delegate to your team to decrease your workload.
  • Get your team capturing full mouth scans for patient monitoring and tracking tooth wear changes over time and improve patient communication.
  • Learn the edentulous scan workflows for digital dentures and full arch implant restorations.
  • Workflows when restoring implants with scanners using scan bodies.

On top of all of this we will cover:

  • Medit apps such as Smile Design, Ortho Simulator, Model Builder, Temporaries - these apps can be used with any scanner!
  • CAD/CAM software for those interested in moving some production in-house
  • 3D printing options and how to implement 3D printing in your dental clinic 
  • Plus, you’ll get to play with the new Medit i700 Wireless + i600 and see the full range of Medit scanners from Minimax!

What you learn in this course can be applied to using any scanner on the market.

Courses are finished for 2022

2023 Course Calendar coming soon

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Day 2 Hands-On Course Outline:

Pre-requisite for Day 2: This is only for you if you have a Medit scanner and laptop to bring along, as it is hands-on scanning and software training.

  • 1:1 Coaching - Live Hands-on scanning practice with one on one coaching on how to do a full arch scan in under 45 seconds. You will be able to practice and be taught how to improve on a live patient.
  • Perfect Fitting Crowns - master proper scanning strategy, liquid control and soft tissue management and ensuring your lab has everything they need to make a perfect-fitting crown.

Hands-On Scanning Training with 3D printed models we will provide you:

  • Digital Implant Workflow - how to scan implants, what’s a scan body and how to communicate with your lab
  • Cosmetic Cases - learn how to use pre-op scans and wax-ups for your cosmetic cases
  • Crown and Bridge - learn all the tips and tricks to ensure perfect fitting restorations + how to troubleshoot if you get a ill-fitting restoration.

Hands-On training using the Medit Apps with cases that we will provide for you to download prior to the course:

  • Smile Design - how to make a smile design for your patient in 5 minutes.
  • Ortho Simulator - as a communication tool to increase your clear aligner treatment sales.
  • Medit Design - use the compare function for patient monitoring and communication.
  • Model Builder - how to get your scans ready for printing. From Scan -> 3D model.
  • Medit Temporaries - for 3D printed temporary crowns; when, why and how to use it.

Courses are finished for 2022

2023 Course Calendar coming soon

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Comprehensive Training About All Things Intraoral Scanning!

Learn How to Maximise the Use of Digital Dentistry and Get Full Integration in Your Clinic!

Intraoral Scanning Mastery, Clinical Tips, Team Training, Medit Apps

Day 1 and 2 are Accredited for 7 HOURS CPD/CE each day

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Here’s what dentists are saying about our previous training

Our courses help dentists gain confidence with intraoral scanners.
We strive to ensure you succeed in digital dentistry.

Dr Shirlyn Sutedia

General Dentist - AUS

Confidence to do more.

It’s been so beneficial.  I’ve learnt that I could do so much more. I had only been doing single crown restorations. I was scared to do anything else. But iDD has given me the confidence I need to do so much more.

Dr Kennith Lau

General Dentist - AUS

Unbiased training. 

This course offers an unbiased overview of many different systems. If you want to get into CAD/CAM and you don’t know where to start, this is the place.

Dr Vivek Panwar

General Dentist - NZ

Up-skill and learn digital dentistry

I recommend these courses to everyone who is looking to up-skill their day to day practice and learn digital dentistry.

Meet Your Instructor
Dr Ahmad Al-Hassiny

Dr Ahmad Al-Hassiny is a driven and passionate dentist who has a strong focus on the digital workflow. He is the director of the Institute of Digital Dentistry and a global KOL for almost every scanner company.  Dr Ahmad is fortunate to adopt CAD/CAM and digital dentistry very early on in his dental career which has allowed him to focus on developing his skills in this field. He understands the benefits of digital dentistry and how this can positively change daily dental practice. He is a global leader in digital dentistry and intraoral scanners and is one of the few in the world who has tested all mainstream scanners and CAD/CAM systems in his clinic.