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Digital Dentistry Courses:

Learn to Scan Like a Master

  • Master Intraoral Scanning and Learn How to Fully Utilise your Intraoral Scanner.
  • Learn How to Maximise the Use of Digital Dentistry and Get Full Integration in Your Clinic!
  • Intraoral Scanning Mastery, Clinical Tips, Team Training, Medit Apps
  • Full Day In-Depth Live Training - 5th June 2022
Introduction to Implant Dentistry - The Fundamentals

Introduction to Implant Dentistry - The Fundamentals

1 Day Lecture and
1 Day Hands-On Workshop using Pig Jaws

If you are struggling with where to start with implantology, this course is for you. We will cover the fundamentals of implant dentistry and how to get your practice started.

Mastering Medit - Level 1
Instant Online Access + Q&A calls

Master intraoral scanning and learn how to fully utilise your Medit scanner. You will learn the ideal scanning protocol and understand isolation and retraction techniques. We will also go over the various Medit Apps and how to maximize ROI.

Getting Started with Digital Dentistry - SOLD OUT
Hands-On Training - JUNE 2021

Lectures + Hands-On Training using the latest CEREC, TRIOS, Planmeca, and Medit Scanners and Mills. Learn how to master chairside digital dentistry in this unbiased and objective comparison of all the latest systems, 3D printers and mills.

sold out course hands-on digital dentistry training

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CAD/CAM Full Mouth Rehabilitation:
Live Patient Hands-On

Learn how to plan and execute a Full Mouth Rehabilitation for a Patient using Digital Dentistry. You will prepare a full arch or two arches for indirect restorations and design and mill these using CAD/CAM. 

Digital Smile Design:
Live Patient Hands-On

You will learn how to plan a Cosmetic Smile Makeover for a Patient using Smile Design Software. You will be guided as you prepare 6-10 teeth for Crowns and/or Veneers. Followed by scanning, designing, milling and cementation of the restorations.

Implant Surgery

Predictable Implant Surgery for Beginners - Hands-On Training

Hands-On Implant Training on Live Patients.
Learn the entire digital workflow from Scanning, Guide Planning, Fabrication and Fixture Placement. Learn to place guided implants in a clinical setting with 1 on 1 tutoring with our experienced surgeons.

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CEREC Masterclass Series

Hands-On CEREC training. Learn from experienced Dentists who use CEREC daily.

TRIOS Masterclass Series

Hands-On TRIOS training. Learn how to master the TRIOS workflow to seamlessly produce restorations.

Planmeca Masterclass Series


Hands-On Planmeca Training. Develop your skills using the new Planmeca Emerald Scanner.