CAD/CAM Materials Processing
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improve your CAD/CAM Abilities and offer in-house treatments

This course bundle includes step-by-step video guides for processing all types of CAD/CAM materials. You’ll learn every step of the process + key tips and tricks by a dental technician.

Course Outline

What will I learn by taking this course?

  • The in-house manufacturing process for ceramic restorations.
  • How to choose the right milling machine and proper sprue placement for ceramics.
  • Processing methods for ceramic restorations, including the pros and cons of staining/glazing vs. polishing.
  • Polishing, staining, and glazing techniques for high glass ceramics like IPS Empress and Vita Mark II.
  • Staining, glazing, and polishing of IPS e.max and other silicate ceramics for lifelike, natural results.
  • Finishing hybrid ceramics like VITA Enamic through sandblasting, polishing, staining, and glazing.
  • Handling and processing zirconia, including pre-sintering coloring and post-sintering techniques.
  • How to cement titanium bases or implant abutments to ceramic restorations properly.
  • An overview of different CAD/CAM materials, their properties, pros, cons, and clinical indications.
  • In-depth knowledge about zirconia's strengths, weaknesses, indications, contraindications, and processing from start to cementation.

Here’s what’s included:

CPD/CE Hours: 3

An overview of ceramic processing

An optimized replay of the Digital Dentistry Webinars
This is the fourth episode of our digital dentistry webinar series we cover the manufacturing and processing workflows when carrying out in-house restorations. This includes a discussion about milling machines, furnaces, CAM manager, plus staining and glazing vs. polishing ceramics.

• Overview of the in-house manufacturing process
• How to choose a milling machine for your practice
• Sprue placement and how to process ceramic restorations
• Advantages and disadvantages of staining and glazing vs. polishing Same-day crown: planning your day

High glass ceramic processing guide - polishing, staining and glazing

A complete processing guide for ceramics like IPS Empress and Vita Mark II
In this course we will show you a step by step guide on how to process high glass ceramics like Empress and Vita Mark II properly in-house so that you can create highly aesthetic restorations. We cover the 2 different ways to finish these materials - Polishing and Staining + Glazing - and the pros and cons of each technique.

• Learn how to properly process High Glass Ceramics to create aesthetic restorations
• Understand the difference between polishing and staining + glazing
• Learn the pros and cons of each finishing technique and when its best used
• Step-by-step real life polishing and staining video walkthrough 0
• Learn what tools and equipment you will need to process these restorations
• Before and after comparison of polished and stained ceramic.

e.max processing guide - Polishing, staining and glazing

Struggling with finishing IPS E.Max Restorations?
In this course you will learn everything you need to know to become confident with finishing e.max restorations in-house. We will show you how to properly and efficiently stain and glaze e.max restorations so that they look life-like and mimic nature. This includes techniques to achieve enamel cracks, fissure lines and cervical blending. We will also show you how to simply polish e.max in cases where characterization is not vital. These techniques can be applied to any silicate ceramic such as Celtra Duo, VITA Suprinity, Ambermill and Obsidian etc.

• Learn how to Stain and Glaze E.Max Restorations properly to create aesthetic results
• Step by step video walkthrough to guide you along and explain each step
• Learn what equipment and stain colours we use to produce seamless restorations that fit nature perfectly
• Learn how to polish e.max restorations and how this compares to staining
• Understand when to stain and glaze and when to polish e.max
• These techniques can be applied to ANY ceramic such as Celtra Duo and Suprinity 

Hybrid ceramic processing guide - Polishing, sandblasting, stain and glaze

Everything you need to know about Hybrid Ceramics!
This is a complete step-by-step guide showing you how to finish hybrid ceramics. You will learn everything you need to know from sandblasting techniques to polishing and staining with Optiglaze Colour. After completing this course you will be much more confident in finishing these restorations in-house to create aesthetic restorations that you are proud of. All these techniques shown can be used on any Hybrid Ceramic such as VITA Enamic, GC Cerasmart, Tetric CAD, Katana Avencia etc.

• Learn how to process hybrid ceramics with comprehensive step by step guides
• Understand why we sandblast these restorations and learn how to do it properly
• Learn how to stain and glaze these restorations with Optiglaze Colour or any light-curable stains.
• Understand the differences between staining hybrids and staining other ceramics
• Learn how to polish these restorations from start to finish for a high shine result.
• Clinical tips and tricks that can be applied to any hybrid ceramic.

Zirconia processing guide - pre and post sintering walkthrough

Everything you need to know about processing Zirconia in One Course!
Learn the pros and cons of zirconia and how to process this material efficiently, accurately and aesthetically. We will go over all aspects of zirconia finishing such as how to handle zirconia, remove the sprues and pre-sintering colouring. We will also cover all post-sintering finishing techniques such as staining + glazing and polishing. If you want to incorporate zirconia into your practice or lab, this is the course for you!

• Learn how to handle and process zirconia properly
• Learn how to colour zirconia pre-sintering
• Learn staining and glazing techniques
• Learn how to polish post-sintered zirconia for a high shine result
• Understand the difference between polishing and staining zirconia
• All of this is through real-life video walkthroughs where we will guide you through each step of the way!

Implant abutment cementation guide

The Complete Ti-Base Guide
Learn how to properly cement a ti-base or any implant abutment to a ceramic restoration. Learn the key tips and tricks to do this properly and efficiently - with minimal mess! Understand why and how to sandblast the abutment and how to surface treat the restoration. This step by step guide is perfect to follow when you need to!

• Learn how to cement a ti-base or abutment to an implant ceramic restoration
• Step by step video walkthrough and guide
• Tips and tricks throughout the course to ensure perfect seating and cementation
• Learn how to do this properly with minimal mess
• Understand what cement to use and why


A complete and unbiased overview of all CAD/CAM materials
When you first start getting into chairside CAD/CAM, choosing a material can be very daunting. There is A LOT of options out there and every sales rep says their particular material is the best. In this course we will cut through all the sales talk and stick to the facts and research based evidence. You will learn what each material is, the pros and cons, and its clinical indications. We break down all the materials into 4 simple groups which means that you can make clinical decisions very easily.

• Learn about the different CAD/CAM materials that exist, the brand names and companies that sell them
• Understand the difference between Glassy Ceramics, Silicate Ceramics, Hybrids and Zirconia
• Learn what the indication of each material is and where its best used in the mouth
• Learn the benefits and drawbacks of each material so you can make better clinical decisions
• Our clinical recommendations from over 10 years of CAD/CAM use and tens of thousands of restorations placed.

Plus Four PDF Resources

Why should you take this course?

Understanding the materials in CAD/CAM and being able to create high-quality results in-house is a massive positive for your patients, your practice, and your dentistry. 

Increased Revenue

Expanding your in-house services reduces the need to outsource to labs, allowing you to keep revenue in-house.

Streamlined Outcomes

You’ll be able to execute a treatment plan with increased efficiency and get a faster outcome for your patients.

Patient Confidence

Patients will feel more comfortable and trusting, knowing you have the understanding in-house.

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CAD/CAM Materials Processing
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Outcome Summary

Learn how to process different CAD/CAM materials like ceramics, hybrid ceramics, and zirconia

Understand techniques like staining, glazing, and polishing to finish ceramic restorations

Learn how to properly cement restorations like ti-bases and implant abutments

Compare the pros, cons, indications, and costs of various CAD/CAM materials

Get step-by-step guides and tips for processing each material

Learn techniques like sandblasting and HF acid etching to prepare surfaces

Understand when to stain vs. polish different ceramics

Get PDF quick reference guides for cementation and zirconia processing

Gain confidence working with zirconia from start to finish

Make better clinical decisions by understanding materials' strengths and weaknesses

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