get impressions in minutes with intraoral scanning

When comparing traditional impression taking versus modern intraoral scanning, it's a no-brainer.

Intraoral scanners capture highly accurate impressions that streamline your workflow and eliminate redo's and errors - saving you valuable time. 

Learning to use intraoral scanners can feel overwhelming at first, but with the right guidance and support, you'll be scanning like a master in no time.  

Click below to get free intraoral scanning courses that teach you optimal scan strategies, troubleshoot common issues and get the most out of your scanner.

Unbiased Intraoral Scanner Reviews

At the Institute of Digital Dentistry, we've been reviewing intraoral scanners for over a decade. 

From unboxings to comparisons and in-depth reviews, we offer insightful information to dental professionals around the world. 

We're frequently approached by industry icons to provide honest feedback on new products prior to public release.

If you need genuine intraoral scanner reviews that are by dentists, for dentists, you're in the right place.

What are the Benefits of Intraoral Scanning?

Say goodbye to messy, cumbersome physical impressions and sending physical models, and welcome the speed and efficiency of digital.

Enhanced Accuracy

Intraoral scanners capture highly precise digital impressions, minimizing the potential for errors and ensuring accurate restorations.

Reduced Costs

By eliminating the need for impression materials and minimizing remakes due to inaccuracies, intraoral scanning can help reduce operational costs for the practice. 

Patient Experience

Eliminate the need for messy and uncomfortable traditional impressions and provide a more pleasant, convenient and fast experience for your patients.

Streamlined Workflow

Digital impressions can be seamlessly shared with dental labs or in-house CAD/CAM software, enabling faster turnaround times for restorations.

Rapid Capture

Intraoral scanners capture highly accurate digital impressions within minutes, significantly faster than traditional impression techniques. 


Intraoral scanning positions your practice at the forefront of digital dentistry, ensuring you remain competitive and can offer premium patient experiences.

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Get Started with FREE Intraoral Scanning CPD/CE Courses

iDD's Free Academy gives you the foundational insight, workflows, and resources
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Fundamentals of Intraoral Scanning

Learn how to master intraoral scanning, including techniques and scanning pathways, as well as quadrant, full arch, and edentulous scans. In this course we cover real-life scan demonstrations, key clinical tips and tricks, and staff delegation.

Intraoral Scanner Reviews

Access valuable resources when you need them, all in one place, including articles, scanner reviews, tips to help make good CAD/CAM investment decisions, what to ask sales reps etc.

Single-Visit Dentistry: Medit Webinar Replay 1#

Master Single-Visit Dentistry: Dr. Ahmad's Proven Techniques for Flawless Scans, CAD Designs, and Same-Day Restorations that fit with no adjustments needed!

Clinical Tips & Tricks: Medit Webinar Replay #2

Unlock the world of digital dentistry! Master the basics of intraoral scanning and optimize your dental practice with the right tools and techniques when using IOS devices!

Why Bother with Digital Dentistry?: Medit Webinar Replay #3

Unravel the future of dentistry with Dr. Ahmad Al-Hassiny! Learn and understand digital transformation, from intraoral scanning & 3D printing to the role of AI. Elevate your practice today with tips on how to get started!

Digital Impressions: The Core of Modern Dentistry

Revolutionize your practice with Dr. Mark Bowes' expert insights on digital impression technology - the game-changing core of modern restorative dentistry.

TRIOS Patient Monitoring

Elevate your dental practice with TRIOS Patient Monitoring. Discover how digital scanning technology can transform patient care, improve outcomes, and streamline your workflow.

3Shape Dental System: Tips & Tricks

Master 3Shape Dental System with expert tips and tricks. Streamline workflows, handle complex cases, and elevate your digital dentistry skills to deliver exceptional restorations. Boost efficiency and take your lab to the next level.

Intraoral Scanner Price Guide 2024

A complete price guide for all mainstream scanners – everything you need to know to make the right buying decisions. Compare all scanner prices and key features in one place, weigh up your options and feel good about your choices.

Boost efficiency and revenue

Digital impressions can be instantly shared with your lab partners, cutting down on turnaround times and ensuring precise fabrication of restorations tailored to each patient's unique needs.

This has a big impact on your clinics bottom line as well.

 By reducing material costs, minimizing remakes, and maximizing productivity, you'll see a significant return on investment that will propel your practice's growth.

Additionally, patients will appreciate your enhanced efficiency and will start to tell others, building your reputation in your local community.

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FREE Intraoral Scanning Downloadable Resources

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IDD Compares: Medit Intraoral Scanners

Comparing Medit’s I700 Wireless Vs I700 Vs I600 Vs I500 Scanners

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Read iDD's unbiased review of the Medit i700 Wireless Intraoral Scanner + 2024 Update on Medit Apps.

Alliedstar AS 200E

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Medit I600

A high performance intraoral scanner at a low cost.

Virtuo Vivo

2022 Update

Aoralscan 3

A low-cost IOS by Shining 3D

Helios 600

A release by Eighteeth

Intraoral Scanner Reviews IDS 2021

+ IOS market update

AlliedStar AS100

The best Chinese low-cost scanner?

Fussen / DentaLink S6000

Low-cost Chinese IOS

3DISC Heron

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Medit I700

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ITero Element 5D Plus

The fastest iTero Scanner yet!

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Carestream Dental CS 3700

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3Shape TRIOS 4

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Want To Dive Deeper Into Intraoral Scanning?

In-depth courses to optimize and maximize return on your digital dentistry workflows.

Free Intraoral Scanning Webinar

Perfect Intraoral Scans with Medit in less than 60 seconds

Learn how to become proficient with scanning and take full arch scans within 60 seconds that are complete and accurate.

• Proper Scan Strategy
• Retraction And Soft Tissue Management
• What laptop, you need to buy for optimum scanner performance?
• Staff delegation and getting the team involved

Intraoral Scanning Course

Master Intraoral Scanning and Learn How to Fully Utilise your Medit Scanner

• Fundamentals of Intraoral Scanning
• Medit Apps Overview and Utilisation
• Exocad Introduction

Gain Live Hands-on Experience

Learn from masters in digital dentistry and experienced surgical dentists, in person.

Maximise ROI in Your Practice with 3Shape TRIOS

If all you scan is crown and bridge and you're not confident using your TRIOS intraoral scanner on other indications, then this course will help you embrace digital dentistry across all of your practice.

Learn how to leverage your 3Shape TRIOS scanner and 3Shape Unite system to unlock better patient communication and engagement and improve treatment acceptance.