Emerging Market Parity Pricing Application

Digital Dentistry Training Affordable Worldwide

iDD is proud to offer the opportunity to apply for affordable pricing in your country, to make learning digital dentistry available to as many people as possible.

What is Emerging Market Parity Pricing?

Emerging Market Parity Pricing is the Institute of Digital Dentistry's way of achieving one of our core goals - making digital dentistry education accessible to dentists around the globe regardless of their purchasing power.

We offer global parity pricing options to Emerging Market countries, as they often have lower purchasing power vs the US dollar, meaning that quality digital dentistry education is unavailable. 

This can impact the standard of dentistry in these countries and creates a cycle that is very difficult to break. So, we’re hoping to change that by allowing more and more dentists access to quality education at a price that's more affordable to them. 

If you're in an Emerging Market, apply below to receive access to special Parity Pricing in your country.

Complete the form below to apply for Emerging Market Parity Pricing in your country.

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