Want to significantly improve your case acceptance?

Smile Design is a crucial tool in a dentist’s arsenal.

With it, you can massively increase cosmetic case acceptance, improve your treatment planning and patient communication and increase your clinic’s revenue.

improve your clinics revenue and sky-rocket your case acceptance rate - learn Smile Design today!

Many dentists have misconceptions about Digital Smile Design. We've heard:

Software is too difficult to learn.

It will take way too long to understand.

I'm worried about learning something new.

I don’t see the value in adding Smile Design to my workflow.

Benefits of smile design

How Smile Design WILL Help My Dentistry:

  • Art Of Creating - Smile Design is the art of creating a digital mock-up to show patients what potential cosmetic changes would look like.
  • Improves Case Acceptance - It massively improves case acceptance as patients can actually see what their new smile will look like.
  • Improves Communication - Improves communication about what is achievable, or what may need further treatment
  • Less Re-Dos And Stress - Less re-dos and stress when carrying out cosmetic dentistry - the patient already knows what to expect.
  • Close Cosmetic Cases Easily - Helps you close cosmetic cases easily.
  • Helps Bridge The Gap - Helps bridge the gap between what dentists know and what patients understand.
  • Planned Completely - Treatment is planned completely and shown to the patient, meaning it is less likely they are unhappy with the final result.
  • Wow Factor - Has the wow factor - patients will tell their friends and family about you and potentially post on social media which promotes your clinic organically.
  • Better Overall - An overall better way to tackle cosmetic cases compared to ‘winging it’ and just prepping teeth and letting the technician decide on the design and outcome.

Here’s what’s included:

CPD/CE Hours: 7

Principles of Digital Smile Design

Learn how to use Digital Smile Design - an excellent communication tool that has the potential to significantly increase your case acceptance.

  • Understand smile parameters and how to use them.
  • Learn about various types of DSD.
  • Implement DSD chairside workflows into your everyday practice.
  • Use DSD to discuss treatments and manage expectations.
  • Increase your case acceptance with a very small initial investment.
  • Learn how to create a mock-up using Exocad Smile Creator.

Smile Design Guide - Techniques and Software Comparison

Learn the fundamental principles of Smile Design and how to carry it out efficiently to improve case acceptance. We cover the different DSD software options available and compare the simulations of each, as you learn the entire workflow.

  • Learn what Smile Design is and how to do it.
  • Understand the difference between the various smile design applications.
  • Real-life comparisons of Digital Smile Design, 3Shape Smile Design and Smile Designer Pro applications.
  • Step by step comprehensive walkthrough.
  • Learn how to communicate this effectively to your patient to improve case acceptance.
  • Understand how Smile Design ties in with 3D Printing and Cosmetic Digital Flows. 

3D Smile Design using Smilecloud and ZBrush Software

Learn how to create a 3D printed mock-up with the guidance of a digital smile design using affordable software.

  • Combine 2D and 3D Smile Design Techniques.
  • Use affordable software.
  • 3D Print the Mock-Up and try in the patient’s mouth.
  • Inexpensive and quick motivational and planning tool.

SmileFy - the Newest 3D Digital Smile Design Software

SmileFy is the newest digital smile design software on the market. It allows you to plan and create incredibly realistic smile design simulations all in 3D. Learn how to master this software in this course with SmileFy founder and CEO, Ralph Georg.

  • Learn what SmileFy is and how to use it to plan the treatment with intraoral scan, face scan, and CBCT data.
  • Understand the importance and benefits of 3D DSD planning.
  • Step by step comprehensive walkthrough.
  • Import CBCT scans for and use this to guide 3D smile design.
  • Convert 2D smile designs into a printable model or shell mock-up.
  • Understand how Smile Design ties in with 3D Printing and Cosmetic Digital Flows.

Integrating Digital Smile Design for Functional Makeovers

Learn from a prosthodontist how to use 2D and 3D smile design tools for your smile makeovers and full-mouth rehabilitation cases. With Dr. Paul Zhivago, a Clinical Associate Professor at the Department of Prosthodontics at New York University.

  • Perform full-mouth rehabilitation cases with minimum adjustments to the final restorations.
  • Learn how to convert 2D smile designs to a 3D functional wax-up.
  • Take the next steps and understand how to utilize smile design in your practice.
  • Use these tools for patient communication and treatment planning.
  • Plan and execute functional restorations to maximize longevity.
  • Learn from an experienced board-certified prosthodontist at New York University.


For a limited time, your bundle will also include the following:

Dental Photography Basics
Learn the fundamentals of dental photography and understand key settings such as ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture. In this course you will also learn the optimum settings for DSLR cameras and how to take intraoral photos in the clinic.

How to Design an Anterior Crown
In this course we go over the key tips and tricks when designing an anterior crown. Exocad software is used but these principles can be applied to any CAD software. Learn how to design an anterior crown that will fit perfectly and is aesthetic!

ZBrush: an alternative CAD software
Learn about the 3D sculpting software called ZBrush, and how it can be applied for dental purposes in this introductory lecture with Dr Paul Zhivago.

Digitally Guided Surgical Crown Lengthening + DSD
Harness digital dentistry to its full potential! In this case study we will go over a digitally planned surgical crown lengthening case from start to finish. This includes smile design, 3D Printing, Surgical Guides, and an in-house smile makeover.

Fundamentals of 3D Printing in Clinical Practice
Learn about the fundamentals of 3D printing and how to implement it in your daily practice. Experienced prosthodontist Dr Michael Scherer goes over clinical applications and pros and cons of common printers on the market.

Sample the Course Content Below!

Get unlimited access to over 7 hours of digital smile design online courses, complete with many tips and tricks from an experienced dental technician and expert. 

With lifetime access, you can revisit the course whenever you need at your own pace. Also, get access to any new updates we release!

These courses are available with English subtitles.

If you’re doing ANY cosmetic cases at all, Smile Design is a tool you can’t afford to neglect.

Who would benefit from learning Smile Design?

  • Dentists who frequently do cosmetic cases.
  • Dentists looking to increase their case acceptance.
  • Dentists who struggle with treatment communication and closing cases.
  • Dental Assistants and other team members can also use the software and be taught to carry out the process in examinations as a communication aid.
  • Technicians looking to improve their skills in cosmetic work.

Our Smile Design Training Bundle will help you improve your clinics revenue, sky-rocket case acceptance and increase patient happiness!

Digital Smile Design
Online Course Bundle

$497 USD

  • 5 courses
  • 5 bonuses
  • 7 CPD Credits
  • Lifetime access!

Smile Design helped me significantly improve case acceptance and satisfaction of may patients with the final delivery of the restorations - it can do the same for you!

Dr Ahmad Al-Hassiny

Digital Dentist and CAD/CAM Educator

Before I was proficient in Smile Design, I would often struggle to close cosmetic cases. I would have a patient who was in dire need of some cosmetic work, but I wasn’t able to effectively communicate the treatment outcomes to them. 

Or if they did accept my treatment, they would have unrealistic expectations of what could be achieved - and would often be disappointed at the final result. I would then have to redo their dentures or temporaries, which ultimately wasted my time and cost my clinic money. 

Frustrated with my situation, I decided to learn more about Smile Design software. Medit’s Smile Design tool was a great starting point, as it was completely free. 

I became confident using the software and noticed some impressive changes to my dentistry:

Much higher case acceptance rate.

Much more confident in carrying out cosmetic cases.

Improved patient outcomes and happiness.

Significantly less re-dos.

Learning Smile Design has made me a much better dentist overall. When I treatment plan, I consider the entire face and smile and how everything works together.

The greatest thing about Smile Design is that once you learn the fundamentals, you can use all the different softwares - from free to premium.

You are Fully Protected by Our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

I am confident that you will love our Smile Design Bundle, if you purchase the Bundle and are not satisfied with the quality or content of the training, then let me know within 30 days of your purchase and I will refund you in full. 

No questions asked.

Dr Ahmad Al-Hassiny

Founding Director of the Institute of Digital Dentistry

TRIOS Smile Design

To Summarise:

If you’re doing cosmetic dentistry, learning Smile Design is crucial.

Once you’re shown the workflow and tips and tricks, you can apply what you’ve learned to any software on the market.

Smile Design will help you close cosmetic cases, improve patient communication and boost your clinic’s revenue.

It will also eliminate redos and stop your patient feeling disappointed with the final product.

By purchasing this Bundle, you will have life-time access to a variety of training that you can access whenever you need.

If you’re not satisfied with your purchase after 30 days, you can request a refund - no questions asked.

Affordable Pricing for Emerging Markets Now Available

As part of our mission to provide the highest standard of digital dental training to dental professionals worldwide, we are pleased to offer you the opportunity to apply for pricing tailored to your country of practice.

If you are based in an emerging market, we invite you to explore our affordable pricing options designed to make our training more accessible to you and your colleagues.

Please reach out to learn more about how we can support your professional development with our cutting-edge digital dental training at a price point that aligns with your local economy.