Learn to Produce Lab Quality Aligners In-clinic

Create your own aligners in-clinic to significantly cut down on external lab fees, reduce turnaround times and achieve greater accuracy.

Confidently Create Your Own High-quality Aligners 

Clear aligners are a hot topic in cosmetic dentistry, as they straighten teeth discreetly and comfortably.

Leveraging precise digital scans and 3D modeling technology, this method allows for the meticulous planning and execution of orthodontic treatment.

Dentists can assess the patient's current dental structure and predict accurate, visually appealing outcomes.

This method boosts both the precision of orthodontic treatments and patient satisfaction with sleek, removable aligners.

By integrating clear aligner production in-clinic, your practice will offer less invasive treatments, faster recovery, and outstanding results—redefining excellence in patient care.

Benefits of Producing Your Own Clear Aligners

Increase Revenue

Offering clear aligners can attract new patients seeking modern, less visible orthodontic treatments, potentially increasing your revenue through both initial treatment fees and ongoing maintenance.

Great Efficiency

Clear aligners often require fewer in-person check-ups, as adjustments are less frequent compared to traditional braces. 

Competitive Edge

By providing clear aligners, you can differentiate your practice from others that may not offer this advanced technology, attracting patients who are looking for modern treatment options, quickly.

More Flexibility

Having the capability to manufacture aligners in-house gives you the flexibility to adapt treatment plans as needed, making it easier to accommodate changes or refinements throughout the course of the aligner therapy.

Happier Patients

Clear aligners are really popular for their esthetic appeal and comfort compared to traditional braces. Higher patient satisfaction can lead to more referrals and positive reviews, which are invaluable for the growth of your business.

Career Progression

Learning to design and implement clear aligner treatments enhances your skillset and keeps you updated with modern treatment.

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Modern Prep Design and Margination

A complete guide for preparing and marginating teeth for CAD/CAM restorations, a critical foundation for success in digital dentistry. Learn how to prepare teeth conservatively in a range of clinical scenarios and place margins using CEREC and TRIOS.

Fundamentals of Intraoral Scanning

Learn how to master intraoral scanning, including techniques and scanning pathways, as well as quadrant, full arch, and edentulous scans. In this course we cover real-life scan demonstrations, key clinical tips and tricks, and staff delegation.

Efficiency and Accuracy in Full-Arch Implant Restorations from Planning to Delivery

Dr. Michael Klein will teach you his entirely digital workflow for restoring edentulous patients using Nexus iOS, the scan gauges by Osteon.

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Master Single-Visit Dentistry: Dr. Ahmad's Proven Techniques for Flawless Scans, CAD Designs, and Same-Day Restorations that fit with no adjustments needed!

Clinical Tips & Tricks to Ensure Perfect Scans

Unlock the world of digital dentistry! Master the basics of intraoral scanning and optimize your dental practice with the right tools and techniques when using IOS devices!

Why Bother with Digital Dentistry - Everything you need to know

Unravel the future of dentistry with Dr. Ahmad Al-Hassiny! Learn and understand digital transformation, from intraoral scanning & 3D printing to the role of AI. Elevate your practice today with tips on how to get started!

Digital VS Analog

Digital dentistry helps you streamline workflows, reduce chair time, and provide patients with an unparalleled experience.

Digital impression systems eliminate the mess, discomfort, and inaccuracies of traditional putty impressions, allowing for precise digital models.

CAD/CAM same-day crowns cut out the need for multiple appointments and temporary restorations.

Cone beam CT imaging offers incredibly detailed 3D scans for improved diagnostic abilities and surgical planning.

From digital smile design to guided implant surgery, digital dentistry empowers your team to work with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency.

Efficiency & Profit VS Time Digital Dentistry

Experience faster growth in your career and accelerate your practice by utilizing digital dentistry.

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Digital Smile Design Course

Want to significantly improve your case acceptance?

Smile Design is a crucial tool in a dentist’s arsenal.

With it, you can massively increase cosmetic case acceptance, improve your treatment planning and patient communication and increase your clinic’s revenue.

3D Printing Course

3D printing is taking dentistry by storm.

If you are not beginning to migrate to an in-house workflow that features 3D Printing - you risk being left behind by your peers.

Learn how to adopt an in-house 3D printing workflow, to bring production inside your clinic, cut down turnaround times and reduce your reliance on external labs.

Materials Processing Course

Imagine if you could process all types of CAD/CAM materials in-house and produce lab-quality finishes in less time.

Whether you are a dentist, DA or technician, learn how to process all materials including zirconia, a material that demands a deep understanding of its strengths, weaknesses, indications, and contraindications. From pre-sintering coloring to post-sintering techniques, you will gain invaluable knowledge to ensure flawless execution.

Take a comprehensive look at the diverse array of CAD/CAM materials available, their unique properties, pros and cons, and the clinical indications that govern their application. 

Mastering exocad Course

Unlock the Power of exocad with our Comprehensive, Online and On-Demand Training.

The course modules range from fundamental topics like setting up the software and designing basic crowns… All the way to advanced material like full-mouth rehabilitation and designing full arch implant restorations.

Expertly curated by Marjorie Andrade, an experienced dental CAD designer and technician at iDD Lab, this course will help you navigate the software's intricacies and put its powerful tools to work for your practice or lab.

Gain Live Hands-on Experience

Learn from masters in digital dentistry and experienced surgical dentists, in person.

Master Scanning and 3D Printing in your Dental Clinic

Master Scanning and 3D Printing in Your Clinic is for anyone who wants to get started with intraoral scanning and 3D printing but isn't sure where to begin.

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