Discover Precision and Speed with In-Clinic Dental Milling

Dental milling allows you to fabricate high-quality dental restorations directly onsite. 

Learn how to use CAD/CAM systems to create crowns, veneers, bridges, and more with incredible precision. 

Create the finished product right in your clinic.

Achieve Unmatched Precision in Dental Restorations with In-Clinic Milling

In-clinic dental milling transforms traditional restoration processes by utilizing precise, on-site equipment to craft dental prosthetics like crowns, veneers, and bridges.

This approach integrates detailed digital scans with high-accuracy milling devices, ensuring each restoration fits flawlessly according to the unique contours of each patient’s mouth.

The streamlined process not only increases the precision of each piece but also significantly reduces the time patients spend in the dental chair.

By bringing these capabilities directly to the clinic, patients benefit from quicker, more comfortable treatments and enjoy durable, aesthetically pleasing results faster than ever before.

Figure 8. IPS e.max CAD/CAM blocks are loaded in the milling machine and are then milled into the CAD design we have produced.

What are the Benefits of Dental Milling?

Faster Turnaround Times

 Traditional methods often require sending molds to external labs and waiting days or even weeks for the return of finished products. In-house milling significantly cuts down these waiting times, producing restorations in a matter of hours.

Reduced Costs

By eliminating the need to outsource to dental labs, clinics can save on the costs associated with shipping and lab fees. These savings can often be passed on to the patient, making treatments more affordable.

Greater Accuracy

 Digital scanning and milling allow for extremely precise measurements and fit. This precision helps in creating restorations that align perfectly with the patient's existing teeth and gums, reducing the need for adjustments and remakes.

Immediate Adjustments

If a restoration needs any adjustments or refinishing, having the milling equipment on-site means these can be handled immediately, without the need to send the restoration back to a lab.

Customization Options

With direct control over the milling process, dentists can offer more personalized options in terms of materials and designs. Patients can benefit from restorations that are tailored not just for fit but also for color and aesthetics.

Better Patient Experience

Patients prefer quicker and fewer appointments. In-house milling means that procedures that traditionally took multiple visits can often be completed in a single visit, enhancing the overall patient experience and satisfaction.

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Excellent course. The lecturer is very concise and realistic in his presentation of the clinical possibilities of digital workflow. He presented four techniques of digital fabrication of complete dentures, taking into account the different ways of dental education (worldwide) in fabricating complete dentures.

Dr Robert Celic

Buckets of Material

WOW!!! A lot of information, but as I have come to learn, you have to know your materials. Thanks for a concise presentation.

Dr William PhillippiGeneral Dentist

Digital Dentures, Front to Back

OK, another seminar packed with a wealth of knowledge. Especially for those of us that only construct dentures!!!

Dr William PhillippiGeneral Dentist

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Digital VS Analog

Digital dentistry helps you streamline workflows, reduce chair time, and provide patients with an unparalleled experience.

Digital impression systems eliminate the mess, discomfort, and inaccuracies of traditional putty impressions, allowing for precise digital models.

CAD/CAM same-day crowns cut out the need for multiple appointments and temporary restorations.

Cone beam CT imaging offers incredibly detailed 3D scans for improved diagnostic abilities and surgical planning.

From digital smile design to guided implant surgery, digital dentistry empowers your team to work with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency.

Efficiency & Profit VS Time Digital Dentistry

Experience faster growth in your career and accelerate your practice by utilizing digital dentistry.

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