Maximise ROI in your Practice with 3Shape TRIOS

Bringing Digital Dentistry and Your Practice Together

1-Day Live Lecture Course

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Brought to you by The Institute of Digital Dentistry.

Maximise Return On Investment In Your Practice with 3Shape TRIOS

Ahmad Al'Hassiny 3Shape

If all you scan is crown and bridge and you're not confident using your TRIOS intraoral scanner on other indications, then this course will help you embrace digital dentistry across all of your practice. Learn how to leverage your 3Shape TRIOS scanner and 3Shape Unite system to unlock better patient communication and engagement and improve treatment acceptance. 

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to attend an in-person course with Dr Ahmad Al-Hassiny, a globally recognised expert in CAM/CAM and digital dentistry practises.

If you are a Principal, Associate, OHT or DA using 3Shape TRIOS, this course is for you.

Supported by 3Shape and Henry Schein

Maximise ROI in your Practice with 3Shape TRIOS
Bringing Digital Dentistry and Your Practice Together

Enrolments Closed



Henry Schein Office - Training Room
Building 3, Level 6/189 O'Riordan St,
Mascot NSW 2020
Sydney, Australia

Date & TIME:

Saturday July 20, 2024
9am Sign-on | 9:30am Start | 5pm Finish

Group Pricing Available (2 or more)

Are you tired of just using your scanner for crown and bridge work and want to unlock its true potential?

iDD is teaming up with 3Shape to present a comprehensive one-day course that will completely transform how you use your intraoral scanner in your dental practice. 

After all, intraoral scanners are one of the most significant investments you can make in your dentistry. But, if you’re not using it to its full capabilities, you’re leaving money on the table and not utilising all its possibilities. 

In just one-day, you can learn the full power of intraoral scanning, how to take perfect scans that eliminate the need for redos, how to implement it into your clinic for the benefit of you are your entire team.

Dr Ahmad Al-Hassiny has been a digital dentistry advocate for over a decade now, travelling the world to present courses and lectures on behalf of some of the biggest names in digital dentistry. The iDD platform has over 40,000 dental professionals actively using our comprehensive education to improve their dentistry.

Adopt digital dentistry and build an outstanding practice.

Who is this course for?

Beginners to Digital Dentistry

3Shape TRIOS Users

Principals looking to up-skill their team

Course Outline

The course aims to provide comprehensive insights into the integration of digital technology in dental practices, championing TRIOS & Unite and focusing on the following key areas:

  • Introduction to Intraoral Scanners
    • Introductory lecture on the importance of intraoral scanners and the potential they have to transform your clinic.

  • Intraoral Scanning Protocols
    • Learn the ideal scanning strategy for all clinical situations - full arch, implants, edentulous, quadrant

    • Learn and understand ideal isolation and retraction techniques when using scanners

    • Expand your intraoral scanner utilization to more than just crown and bridge work

    • Demonstrations on how to take perfect intraoral scans in under 45 seconds - massively reducing patient chair time

    • Learn the edentulous scan workflows for digital dentures and full arch implant restorations

    • Digital workflows when restoring implants with scanners using scan bodies.

    • Tips and tricks for intraoral scanning

  • 3Shape Studio Apps 
    • We will cover all 3Shape apps and how to use them in a clinical setting to ensure you get the most out of them

    • Understand 3Shape’s Smile Design App, and how it can improve patient communication and treatment acceptance

  • Implementing Intraoral Scanning in your practice
    • Sterilization protocols - How to sterilize the tips properly

    • Digital workflow integration to make the transition simple

    • How to delegate to your team members to free up time for yourself

    • Empower your team to capture full-arch scans and track tooth wear changes over time

    • How to market digital dentistry and set yourself apart from other clinics in your area

  • 3D Printing 
    • How you can integrate 3D printing to optimise your workflows in your clinic

    • Insight into 3D printing with the 3Shape Produce platform

  • Maximise your Return On Investment
    • Maximise the return on investment of your scanner and improve your patient acceptance through better engagement and delivery of treatment plans.

    • Increase speed and accuracy of your scanning and adjust your schedule to decrease chair-time for your patients


Why should you take this course?

Implementing and mastering TRIOS & Unite will take your practice, and your dentistry, into the modern era.  

Faster Full Arch Scanning

Learn the techniques that will get you scanning a full arch under 60 seconds. Understand how to tell if your scan has errors and be confident in scanning any indication like implant scan bodies, deep preparations and edentulous.

Patient Engagement

Learn how to use some of the best patient engagement applications available and use them to communicate your treatment plans better and get a higher rate of acceptance.

Empower Your Team

Get your team capturing full mouth scans for patient monitoring and tracking tooth wear changes over time and improve patient communication.

Enrol now!

Maximise ROI in your Practice with 3Shape TRIOS: Bringing Digital Dentistry and Your Practice Together

1-Day Live Course

Enrolment Closed

Sydney - Sat July 20, 2024

  • Introduction to Intraoral Scanners (TRIOS)
  • Advanced Scanning Protocols
  • Patient Engagement Apps
  • How to Implement 3Shape in your Clinic
  • Leverage Your TRIOS for Practice Growth

We offer Group Pricing for 2 people or more
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You are fully protected by iDD’s Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re so confident that this course will give you the tools and confidence needed to implement scanning and printing in your clinic that if you take the course and find that it hasn’t enabled you to improve your scanning and printing in your clinic successfully, we’ll give you your money back.

No questions asked.

Dr Ahmad Al-Hassiny

Founding Director of the Institute of Digital Dentistry

Why go digital with TRIOS

"Digital is the future of dentistry without a shadow of a doubt. It allows for a much higher level of patient care, of patient monitoring, patient understanding, communications, and it's where dentistry is headed...

... Whenever they're in for checkup and clean and they get to see the progress of their mouth, their teeth and their gums as time goes on. I feel that it's a very powerful way to build a relationship with the patient. It has massively affected all of our workflows at Tailored teeth."

3Shape TRIOS is a win-win for everyone

"I have used other scanners on the market, I've used quite a few of them and I certainly feel like TRIOS for me is the right tool...

... Intraoral scanning does make the practice more attractive. I think most people now expect a certain level of technology and with TRIOS, color view is quite impressive, and then the word gets out that you have this technology and it is quite a practice booster."

Meet Your educator

Dr. Ahmad Al-Hassiny

Digital Dentist and CAD/CAM Educator

Dr. Ahmad Al-Hassiny is a driven and passionate dentist who has a strong focus on the digital workflow. He is the director of the Institute of Digital Dentistry and a global KOL for almost every scanner company.  Dr Ahmad is fortunate to adopt CAD/CAM and digital dentistry very early on in his dental career which has allowed him to focus on developing his skills in this field. He understands the benefits of digital dentistry and how this can positively change daily dental practice. He is a global leader in digital dentistry and intraoral scanners and is one of the few in the world who has tested all mainstream scanners and CAD/CAM systems in his clinic.


Outcome Summary

Maximise your ROI and see real practice growth with 3Shape.

This course will teach you how to implement 3Shape TRIOS and Unite into your practice.

You’ll learn optimal scanning protocols, how to scan for all indications and tips & tricks.

Utilise digital tools, including engagement apps for enhanced communication including Smile Design.

Learn sterilisation protocols to ensure your tips are properly cleaned.

Discover how your practice can change in a positive way with digital dentistry.

Marketing digital dentistry, adjusting your scheduling and how make the change.