Increase Case Acceptance with Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design helps you carefully plan and show patients a preview of their new smile before any actual dental work is done.

With Digital Smile Design, you can effectively communicate treatment outcomes to your patients and increase case acceptance. 

Utilizing these tools correctly will build trust and enhance patient communication.

Help Your Patients Visualize Your Treatment Plan

Do you struggle to close cosmetic cases?

Is effectively communicating treatment outcomes or setting realistic expectations an obstacle for you?

With Digital Smile Design, you can visually convey the outcome to the patient which helps the patient understand the treatment you are proposing. 

This results in a much higher case acceptance rate, more confidence for you and your patient, and realistic expectations. 

There are also significantly less redo's when using Digital Smile Design, because the patient understands the treatment from the outset.

Benefits of Digital Smile Design

Greater Patient Communication

DSD utilizes digital visualization tools to showcase proposed smile makeovers, allowing patients to better understand and provide input on their desired outcomes, improving communication and increasing case acceptance.

Comprehensive Treatment Planning

DSD helps you to consider various aspects such as tooth positioning, gingival esthetics, and facial harmony, resulting in a comprehensive and harmonious smile design.

Predictable Patient Outcomes

By virtually planning the entire treatment process, DSD enables dentists to achieve highly predictable and accurate results, minimizing the risk of errors or dissatisfaction with the final outcome.

Collaboration and Case Presentation

Digital Smile Design facilitates seamless collaboration among dental professionals, as well as effective case presentation to patients, ensuring all stakeholders are aligned with the proposed treatment plan.

Better Treatment Efficiency

The digital workflow of DSD streamlines the treatment process, reducing the number of appointments and chair time required, leading to increased efficiency and productivity for the practice.

Reduce The Amount of Redos 

Digital Smile Design minimizes the need for costly and time-consuming redos by enabling you to plan and visualize desired outcomes, reducing the risk of inaccuracies or esthetic discrepancies before initiating clinical procedures.

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Helpful and comprehensive guide for beginners

iDD has given me a really good introduction into all aspects of Digital Dentistry. It is an extremely helpful and comprehensive guide for beginners in digital dentistry like me. Look forward to more learning!!

Dr Sai Lavanya PeramalaGeneral Dentist - USA

I really appreciate the information you are sharing

I am interested on having my own dental digital lab. And provide service to other dental offices .To start, I planning to start with onlays Crowns and bridges . So I am very interested on mastering digital design . Then I would like to learn more about 3D printing. I have reviewed some of your courses on that matter, and I want to thank you for sharing . I really appreciate the information you are sharing , since I have found it very interesting and useful.

Antonio Zuñiga OlveraDirector at PREDENTEC

I have already implemented the concepts taught and am enjoying the rewards.

The Institute of Digital Dentistry Online has so many useful tips for a dentist using scanners. Also Dr Ahmad has made it very simple, honest and user friendly in explanation. I have already implemented the concepts taught and am enjoying the rewards.

Dr Cherian ThomasGeneral Dentist - AUS

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Gain a competitive edge in the booming digital denture market! Learn how to harness cutting-edge technologies to boost efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver exceptional results that will delight your patients.

The Uses of Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design helps your patient visualise treatment plans for a range of different scenarios.

Misaligned, crooked, or gapped teeth

Discolored or stained teeth

Chipped, cracked, or worn teeth

Misshapen or disproportionate teeth

Gummy smiles or uneven gum lines

Digital VS Analog

Digital dentistry helps you streamline workflows, reduce chair time, and provide patients with an unparalleled experience.

Digital impression systems eliminate the mess, discomfort, and inaccuracies of traditional putty impressions, allowing for precise digital models.

CAD/CAM same-day crowns cut out the need for multiple appointments and temporary restorations.

Cone beam CT imaging offers incredibly detailed 3D scans for improved diagnostic abilities and surgical planning.

From digital smile design to guided implant surgery, digital dentistry empowers your team to work with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency.

Efficiency & Profit VS Time Digital Dentistry

Experience faster growth in your career and accelerate your practice by utilizing digital dentistry.

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In-depth courses to optimize and maximize return on your digital dentistry workflows.

Digital Smile Design Course

Want to significantly improve your case acceptance?

Smile Design is a crucial tool in a dentist’s arsenal.

With it, you can massively increase cosmetic case acceptance, improve your treatment planning and patient communication and increase your clinic’s revenue.

3D Printing Course

3D printing is taking dentistry by storm.

If you are not beginning to migrate to an in-house workflow that features 3D Printing - you risk being left behind by your peers.

Learn how to adopt an in-house 3D printing workflow, to bring production inside your clinic, cut down turnaround times and reduce your reliance on external labs.

Materials Processing Course

Imagine if you could process all types of CAD/CAM materials in-house and produce lab-quality finishes in less time.

Whether you are a dentist, DA or technician, learn how to process all materials including zirconia, a material that demands a deep understanding of its strengths, weaknesses, indications, and contraindications. From pre-sintering coloring to post-sintering techniques, you will gain invaluable knowledge to ensure flawless execution.

Take a comprehensive look at the diverse array of CAD/CAM materials available, their unique properties, pros and cons, and the clinical indications that govern their application. 

Gain Live Hands-on Experience

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Master Scanning and 3D Printing in your Dental Clinic

The dental industry is going through a digital revolution. Previously, intraoral scanning was the must-have technology that massively changed clinical workflows around the world.

Now, 3D printing is taking the industry by storm.

 If you are not beginning to migrate to an in-house workflow that features 3D Printing - you risk being left behind by your peers.

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