slash your lab bill and take control by manufacturing in your clinic

What if you could quickly produce precise solutions for your patients in your clinic? 

Manufacturing dental solutions in-house means you no longer have to wait weeks to get work back from your lab. You'll save money on lab bills, take total control of your workflow, and be able to treat patients much faster.

Although using a new 3D printer can feel like operating a spaceship, it doesn't have to be with the right training and guidance.

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Unbiased 3D Dental Printer Reviews

Are you looking for insightful information on 3D printers without all the salesy jargon?

At iDD, we have in-depth reviews on most of the industry's big players, covering a variety of vital criteria. 

If you're looking to buy a 3D printer for the first time and want to make an informed decision...

iDD is here to help. Explore our famous unbiased and objective reviews below.

Benefits of In-Clinic Manufacturing

Take control of your dentistry, speed up your workflows, and reduce your reliance on external labs with in-clinic manufacturing.

Save Valuable Time

Save significant time previously spent on back-and-forth communication, shipping, and waiting for lab turnaround. 

Streamlined Workflow

With all manufacturing steps under one roof, your workflow becomes simplified and integrated, allowing you full visibility and control over the entire restorative process.

Patient Experience

Patients appreciate the seamless, single-visit process, fostering increased loyalty and a competitive edge for your practice.

Reduced Costs

The initial cost of your 3D printer is quickly recouped by eliminating lab fees, shipping expenses and increasing your production rate.

Rapid Production

Accelerated production helps to maximize your daily production, which significantly drives revenue.


In-house dental manufacturing represents the future of the industry. By investing in this technology today, you future-proof your practice, staying ahead of the curve, giving patients what they want and outpacing the competition.

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Amazing courses, the best way to see multiple different digital scanning and milling systems in action. I can’t recommend the Institute of Digital Dentistry highly enough for dentists interested in starting digital dentistry.

Dr Amelia PatersonGeneral Dentist - NZ

One of the best courses in Digital Dentistry backed by very clear knowledge.

Dr Abhishek GuptaProsthodontist - India

Unbiased and pragmatic approach to CAD/CAM dentistry designed for GDPs by GDPs. Great niche and I am greatly looking forward to more courses.

Dr Akash KotaGeneral Dentist - NZ

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Modern Prep Design and Margination

A complete guide for preparing and marginating teeth for CAD/CAM restorations, a critical foundation for success in digital dentistry. Learn how to prepare teeth conservatively in a range of clinical scenarios and place margins using CEREC and TRIOS

3D Printing vs Milling

Dr. Ahmad Al-Hassiny compares 3D printing & milling for dentistry, analyzing differences in cost, workflow, applications & more while advising on printer selection based on intended resin uses.

Single-Visit Dentistry: Medit Webinar Replay 1#

Master Single-Visit Dentistry: Dr. Ahmad's Proven Techniques for Flawless Scans, CAD Designs, and Same-Day Restorations that fit with no adjustments needed!

Clinical Tips & Tricks: Medit Webinar Replay #2

Unlock the world of digital dentistry! Master the basics of intraoral scanning and optimize your dental practice with the right tools and techniques when using IOS devices!

Why Bother with Digital Dentistry?: Medit Webinar Replay #3

Unravel the future of dentistry with Dr. Ahmad Al-Hassiny! Learn and understand digital transformation, from intraoral scanning & 3D printing to the role of AI. Elevate your practice today with tips on how to get started!

Digital Dentures Now and Tomorrow - 3Shape Webinars

Gain a competitive edge in the booming digital denture market! Learn how to harness cutting-edge technologies to boost efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver exceptional results that will delight your patients.

Increase Production Revenue 

The productivity gains and financial advantages of bringing manufacturing in-house are staggering.

Same-day restorations become an effortless reality, allowing you to treat more patients each day.

This increased production drives substantial revenue growth for your practice. Additionally, you save substantially on lab fees, shipping costs, and labor hours spent on case tracking.

Your overhead plummets as you retain a larger share of the production revenue, offsetting the cost of your investment in scanner, printers, mills and vacuum molding equipment.

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FREE Manufacturing Downloadable Resources

Valuable insights into intraoral scanning and the digital dental space, all here for your benefit. Access all these and more in the iDD Free Academy.

Dental 3D Printer Review 2024

iDD's objective review of the most popular printers on the market.

Chairside Zirconia

Dive into the essentials of chair-side zirconia applications, techniques, and advancements.

Dental CAD Software Guide

The introduction of dental Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software to dental practices and laboratories marking a significant step into what we now refer to as 'digital dentistry.'

3D Printing Overview

A quick overview of 3D printing in dentistry - from the different technologies to file formats.

Want To Dive Deeper in Manufacturing?

In-depth courses to optimize and maximize return on your digital dentistry workflows.

CEREC Masterclass Course

Maximize your CEREC’s capabilities, and train your team to use your CEREC correctly. We’ve put together this comprehensive bundle of CEREC training that is fun and easy to understand.

Plus CAD/CAM and materials processing bonus courses so you have the complete workflow.

Materials Processing Course

Imagine if you could process all types of CAD/CAM materials in-house and produce lab-quality finishes in less time.

Whether you are a dentist, DA or technician, learn how to process all materials including zirconia, a material that demands a deep understanding of its strengths, weaknesses, indications, and contraindications. From pre-sintering coloring to post-sintering techniques, you will gain invaluable knowledge to ensure flawless execution.

Take a comprehensive look at the diverse array of CAD/CAM materials available, their unique properties, pros and cons, and the clinical indications that govern their application. 

3D Printing Course

3D printing is taking dentistry by storm.

If you are not beginning to migrate to an in-house workflow that features 3D Printing - you risk being left behind by your peers.

Learn how to adopt an in-house 3D printing workflow, to bring production inside your clinic, cut down turnaround times and reduce your reliance on external labs.

Gain Live Hands-on Experience

Learn from masters in digital dentistry and experienced surgical dentists, in person.

Master Scanning & 3D Printing in your Dental Clinic

Master Scanning and 3D Printing in Your Clinic is for anyone who wants to get started with intraoral scanning and 3D printing but isn't sure where to begin.