Digital Dentistry Decoded Podcast

Join your host, Dr. Ahmad Al-Hassiny, a leading expert in digital dentistry, as he delves deep into this transformative field with a new special guest in every episode.

Discover the latest innovations, cutting-edge technologies, and game-changing insights that are reshaping the world of dentistry. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just curious about the future of oral healthcare, this podcast is your key to understanding how digital advancements are revolutionizing the smile industry. Tune in and decode the secrets of digital dentistry today!

#01 Max Milz | Dentsply Sirona: The Quest for Efficient & Integrated Digital Workflows in Dentistry

#02 Rune Fisker | 3Shape: 3Shape's Blueprint for the Digital Dental Practice of the Future

#03 Amir Mansouri | SprintRay: Sprinting Towards the Future of Digital Dentistry

#04 Alex Sanders | Diagnocat: The AI Diagnostics Game Changer: A Fireside Chat with Alex Sanders

#05 Max Milz | Dentsply Sirona: Making Sense of the Hype - The Real Scoop on 3D Printing vs. Milling

#06 Kevin Kim | Imagoworks: Exponential Gains - AI's Impact on Digital Dentistry