Attn: General Dentists Looking to Begin Their Implantology Journey

Implant surgery doesn't have to be intimidating

It's time to increase your confidence in implant surgery
and expand your scope of practice.

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Fri 13th + Sat 14th OCT 2023 - Christchurch, NZ


The secret to placing implants confidently!

It is widely accepted that the best way to acquire knowledge and confidence in a skill relies on three pillars.

Solid theory + Repetitive hands-on practice + A knowledgeable instructor

Introduction to Implant Dentistry: The Fundamentals course

covers all those bases.

Solid Theory

This takes place on day one, with a detailed breakdown of all the fundamentals and how to integrate them into your practice. Everything from anatomy, implant design, surgical protocols, flap design and step by step breakdown of how to place an implant successfully.

We also touch on digital implantology and go over the options in scanners, implant guide software, and 3D printing. You will learn to recognise cases that are easy, moderate or best to send away.

Repetitive Hands-on

On day two of the course, you will do surgery on pig jaws to ensure that you are fully confident and capable before practising in your clinic. You’ll practice a wide range of implant techniques that are fully covered in the course outline section further down the page.

You are free to place as many implants as you want until you are totally confident with the procedure. Practice simple implant placement, immediate implants after extraction into a socket, socket grafting, membrane placement, and suturing techniques.

Knowledgeable Instructor

This course is run by one of New Zealand’s most respected dentists, who can put you on the path to success. Implantology can seem scary at first, but with the right training and someone guiding you through the entire process, your confidence will grow quickly. 

Sample the Implant Course Lecture Content

As an attendee you get lifetime access to over 4 hours of implant theory online course so you can revisit it any time you need.

Dr Ahmad Al-Hassiny

Digital Dentist and CAD/CAM Educator

Learn implantology from one of the leading KOLs in NZ

Dr. Ahmad Al-Hassiny is a global leader in digital dentistry and intraoral scanners, carrying out lectures as a KOL for many companies and industry heavyweights.

He uses multiple different implant brands in his clinic, including BioHorizons, Osstem, Neoss, and Nobel Biocare. Dr Ahmad has placed everything from single implants and implant bridges to immediate implants, free-hand or fully guided depending on the case. Everything is done in-house so he is experienced in both the clinical and lab side, including guided implantology software and photogrammetry.

Dr Ahmad understands the difficulty and fear that comes with learning how to place implants. He has been on his own journey to becoming confident with implantology and is fully empathetic to the learning process most dentists go through. Dr Ahmad is fully supportive throughout the learning process and can help you with almost any question you have about the procedure.

He has seen first-hand, through his own work, how adding dental implants to your service offering can improve daily dental practices as well as annual revenue. His presentation style is zero fluff, straight to the point and only things that you NEED to know to get started in implant dentistry.

Can't make it to the course?

The entire lecture content is also available as an on demand online course accessible instantly for those who wish to learn online.

Check Out the Feedback From Our Attendees!

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it has ticked every check box, of what I'm wanting to learn.

"to have this specific field as part of the service I can offer to my patients and absolutely making myself as a better dentist with more knowledge about how to restore them, safely and precisely ...

... after attending these two days of courses, he opened a whole new door for me to know how actually we should learn more into this to be able to offer this service to my patients."

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I like the structure of the course. I like the practical side as well, and he's been awesome.

"The placements and the sequence of how to do the work? Also the criteria in terms of patient selection, the anatomical structures you need to be looking for here, how to do those spots"

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the way he is explaining everything, It is simple and very practical, so that's what I like.

"The patients are, after extractions, they do not want bridges or the removable dentures anymore, they are more into that we want some permanent fix and they also wanted aesthetics. I think everything works out good with implants. So that actually led me to the implant course."

Kick-Start Your Implant Dentistry in Just Two Days 

dental implant course institute of digital dentistry (1)
dental implant course institute of digital dentistry

In just two days, you will leave feeling much more confident and capable of placing implants but more importantly, you'll understand core surgical knowledge and skills like raising flaps and suturing.

You will complete successful implant surgery under the supervision of trained professionals and leave the course feeling confident and ready to implement implant surgery in your clinic.

This is one of the only dental implant courses in Australia and New Zealand that covers the digital implantology workflow as well. You will see how to use digital technology as a tool to lessen the learning curve and improve treatment outcomes.

The course is capped at a small group, which ensures that everyone present gets the one-on-one time needed to fully understand each participant's needs and goals. 

In just one weekend, you can learn the skills needed to massively expand your scope of treatment, give your patients the treatment they need and improve your clinic's overall revenue.

Plus, you’ll meet other local, like-minded dentists who you can lean on throughout your implantology journey.

Here’s what your life will look like when you learn implantology from Dr Ahmad and iDD

After the course, you will be able to confidently provide a treatment alternative to bridges and partial plates - because let’s face it, they are not always the best option for a large number of cases.

Gaining confidence in implants as a dentist not only unlocks a large range of new treatments, but it massively reduces workplace stress. You’ll feel a unique sense of pride when you’re able to look after all your patients in-house instead of referring them to a specialist.

  1. 1
    Increase revenue - Implantology is one of the highest dollar per hour treatments in dentistry. Introducing implantology has helped our clinic reach 7 figures per year in gross billings. It is hard to achieve this by doing drill and fill dentistry. Once you stop referring cases out that you can handle yourself, you’ll notice a massive increase in profitability and return on investment. If you integrate digital implantology (which is covered in the course), you’ll be able to tackle cases much more efficiently, meaning that you can see more patients in one day and further increase profitability.
  2. 2
    Improves your general dental skills - This implant course addresses the fundamentals of surgery, as such you’ll go back to the basics and learn a number of different skills that you can apply to different aspects of your dentistry such as wisdom tooth removal. Just by learning implantology, you’ll improve your knowledge and confidence in different treatments that rely on solid surgical skills.
  3. 3
    Reinvigorates your career - After a certain period of time, most dentists get extremely bored with simply placing crowns and doing check-ups. Don't get me started with doing fillings all day! Ensure that your career doesn’t stagnate by learning a new procedure that benefits you as well as your patient.
  4. 4
    Boosts your reputation - After a few successful implant cases, you’ll start to be known locally as a dentist that can offer a wide range of treatments, and your incredible cases will make fantastic content for your personal social media, or for your practice. There are dentists who have built their practice around implant referrals from colleagues.
  5. 5
    Attracts more patients - Having a hard time filling your books? Learning how to place implants is a great way to appeal to more patients by expanding your scope of practice.  If a patient comes in with an unrestorable decoronated tooth and wants it replaced, right there and then the tooth can be removed and an implant placed. Minimizing time wasting for both the patient and the dentist.

Remember, you’re not just learning how to do implants. 

You’re investing in your career, increasing the amount of money you can earn, and providing your patients with potentially life-altering treatment.

Join the best dental implant course in New Zealand.

Can't make it to the course?

The entire lecture content is also available as an on-demand online course. 

Made our life easy

"He is a very good trainer, made our life easy. The presentation made the implants look like an easy task"

Attendee Feedback



Appreciated the examples

"Kept a good pace and kept it interesting. Also appreciated the examples of things he has personally made mistakes or failures. Loved the pig jaw surgery"

Attendee Feedback



Built confidence to start

"Excellent for a beginner. Covered most common basic confusing aspects. Built my confidence to start with implant surgery"

Attendee Feedback



What other New Zealand-based dentists have said about this implant course

Crisp and engaging

"Kept the lecture very crisp and engaging. Within two days, all the necessary information was clearly presented"

Attendee Feedback



Excellent value for money

"Excellent communication and simplified terminology. Extensive hands-on, simplified everything, excellent value for money"

Attendee Feedback



Very approachable

"Very approachable, always keen to answer questions and doesn't pretend he knows everything. In the hands-on not only the trainer was helping but the reps too"

Attendee Feedback



What you’ll learn as part of this dental implant course + a bonus

Day 1 Lecture Outline

  • Dental Implants in General Dental Practice
  • Understand the fundamentals of safe surgery and implantology.
  • Implant treatment decision making.
  • Become familiar with surgical anatomy, surgical techniques, equipment required, and using CBCT software to plan implant surgery.
  • Radiographic and Tomographic Evaluation
  • Learn about patient selection, radiographic evaluation and understand which cases are appropriate to tackle and which cases are best to refer.
  • Learn about the concept of prosthetically digitally-driven implant planning to ensure the proper position and orientation of each implant fixture for the ideal restoration.
  • Understand osseointegration, wound healing, flap design, and suturing techniques.
  • Be comfortable with discussing implant surgery with patients and comfortable with discussions of postoperative management.
  • Dr Ahmad Al-Hassiny shares his case presentations and key learning experiences. The good and the bad!

Day 2 Hands-On Workshop Outline

  • Implantology Review
  • How to tackle implant surgery safely.
  • Learn everything you need to know about socket augmentation and biomaterials.
  • Struggling with which equipment to buy? Learn the right armamentarium you need for implant surgery.
  • Understand osteotomy, implant burs and components using a surgical kit to carry out and place an implant.
  • Extensive hands-on practice on pig jaws raising a flap, osteotomy and placement of implants. First Ahmad will show you how to do it, then you can practice on your own pig jaw and place as many implants as you like.
  • Practice suturing and controlling soft tissue in implant surgery.
  • Hands-on practice socket augmentation, placing membranes and bone grafting.
  • Understanding the restorative phase of implantology and what to look out for digital dentistry + implantology overview.
  • Finally, learn how to organise your clinic for implant surgery including what to charge, how long to book, appointment intervals, prescriptions after surgery etc.

And a bonus…

You’ll also get access to the online lecture recording of this course online through our training portal - forever

This will allow you to fully concentrate on the course and not feel overwhelmed trying to remember everything. 

You can refer back to the material whenever you need it.

However, you could miss out on this implant course

Whenever we run an implant course, we purposefully keep attendance low because we want to ensure everyone that participates gets the attention and guidance they deserve. 

We are currently running a special that will net you a significant discount. 

But it is not around for much longer. 

This course has strict attendance limits, we won’t be opening more spots to meet the demand

If you’re looking to learn about implantology from one of the best in New Zealand, you don’t want to miss this opportunity.

Introduction to Implants - The Fundamentals


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2 Days - Lecture and Hands-on Workshop using Pig Jaws

Friday 13th - Saturday 14th October 2023 in Christchurch

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Secure your spot in the course before it’s too late

  • This is a two-day course that is aimed at general dentists wanting to learn more about implantology.
  • It’s for beginners who are considering starting their implant journey.
  • This is one of the only implant courses in Australia and New Zealand that will teach you the entire digital workflow so you can provide safer and more effective surgery.
  • Day one is a lecture day, you’ll get access to all the lecture material on our online portal so that you can refer back to it whenever you need - and won’t feel overwhelmed on the day.
  • Day two is for hands-on training, you’ll get real-life experience placing implants, membranes, suturing on pig jaws. You’ll practice a range of implantology skills.
  • It’s taking place at a beautiful 5-star hotel in Auckland on Fri 12th + Sat 13th May 2023.

After finishing this course, you will leave as a dentist that is infinitely more confident in not only implantology but also surgery as a whole and digital technology. 

You will walk away understanding the entire process from plan to implant and post-op care. You will understand exactly what equipment, workflows, and processes you will need to apply in your practice to make this work. You will leave being able to confidently place implants for your patients.

If you have any questions about the course, you are more than welcome to contact our support team at

Is this implant course right for you?

Is the course in-person or online?

Introduction to Implants: The Fundamentals is a fully in-person course, with one-on-one coaching and pig’s jaw surgery hands-on training. You will get extensive practice placing implants and using the digital workflow to lower the learning curve of placing implants.

Will I get access to the teaching material?

You’ll also get access to a pre recorded lecture of the theory component of this course online through our training portal - forever. 

This will allow you to fully concentrate on the course and not feel overwhelmed trying to remember everything or you can watch it ahead of time and be more prepared for the live course. 

You can refer back to the material whenever you need it.

I’m not really interested in digital implantology but want to learn how to place implants, is this course for me?

While the course will touch on digital implantology and how it can lessen the learning curve and improve your treatment outcomes, it is only a section of the course and not a focus. You will be in a much better position than people who just attend an implant course, as you will get a much more comprehensive understanding of implantology and how digital technologies can help you.

Who will be teaching me?

You will be learning from Dr Ahmad Al-Hassiny, a key opinion leader in the digital dentistry industry who has been placing implants. He has been placing implants for over 5 years and uses multiple different implant brands in his clinic, including BioHorizons, Osstem, Neoss, and Nobel Biocare. Dr Ahmad has placed everything from single implants and implant bridges to immediate implants, free-hand or fully guided depending on the case.  

Dr Ahmad understands that learning implant surgery can be overwhelming, and offers tailored advice for each participant so you can feel confident implementing what you’ve learned in your clinic. Dr Ahmad’s teaching style is extremely engaging, he teaches you everything you need and avoids complicated jargon so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

See what previous student have said about him here.

Is there a completion certificate or credential offered upon finishing the course?

Yes, you will get a CPD certificate with 14 hours of CPD, plus the online content provides another 4 hours of certifcation - provided you complete the quiz.

Are there any prerequisites for the course?

Not at all! This course is aimed at general dentists who are interested in placing implants but haven’t started, or who have learned the basics but don’t feel comfortable carrying out the surgery in their clinic.

All that’s required is an enthusiasm to learn and a willingness to get out of your comfort zone.

How long is the course?

The course begins at 8:30 am and ends at 5pm each day.

Will there be any hands-on training or clinical experience included in the course?

Plenty! You’ll get plenty of practice with a range of different implant techniques, including socket augmentation, placing membranes and bone grafting. You’ll also receive one-on-one coaching throughout the course and get personalised feedback on your skills and how to improve. By the end of the course, you will be confident to start implementing implant surgery in your practice.

Are there any payment plans available for the course?

Payment plans are available for this course. If you’d like to inquire about a payment plan for the course, please email our Head of Education Partnerships Julian Dickie at

Is there any additional costs not included in the course fee?

Nope! Your course fee includes both your participation in the 2-day course as well as catering for lunch and breaks throughout.

Can't make it to the course?

The lecture theory content is also available as an on demand online course accessible instantly for those who wish to learn online.