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Unboxing Runyes 3DS 3.0 Intraoral Scanner

Hey everyone, Dr. Ahmad Al-Hassiny here from the Institute of Digital Dentistry. And today I have another scanner unboxing  for you, the Runyes 3DS 3.0 intraoral scanner from the company, Runyes Group. This is their second generation intraoral scanner after the Runyes 3DS, ...

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Unboxing 3Shape’s TRIOS 5 Intraoral Scanner

Today we’re going to be unboxing a scanner I’m really excited about - the TRIOS 5. This is one of the very first units in New Zealand, which took some time to get here due to the massive demand for the scanner ...

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Unboxing the Alliedstar AS 200E

In case you missed it, we’ve just released the unboxing of Alliedstar’s new intraoral scanner: the AS 200E. You can watch the video below, but if you’re short on time or just prefer to read, we’ve condensed everything into this short blog. Who is ...

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Medit i700 Wireless unboxing and reviewMedit, Unboxing

Unboxing the Medit i700 Wireless

The rumours are true… A few months ago, the team at Medit kindly sent us the very first Medit i700 Wireless scanner in Australasia. It's one of the first units in the world and we’ve been hard at work beta testing it ...

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iTero Element 5D plusItero, Unboxing

iDD Unboxing iTero Element 5D Plus

Want more info about the iTero Element 5D Plus? Click Here to read our Comprehensive Review about the scanner! VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION:Hey, everyone it's Dr Ahmad Al-Hassiny from the Institute of Digital Dentistry and I'm back again with another unboxing. This time, the iTero Element ...

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3Shape Trios 4 Move Plus iDD Unboxing

Want more info about the TRIOS 4? Click Here to read our Comprehensive Review about the scanner!  VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION:Hey guys, this is Dr. Ahmad Al-Hassiny at the Institute of Digital Dentistry, and I'm here again with another unboxing video. This time, the 3Shape ...

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3DISC Heron IOS Unboxing

Check the video below to see what you get with the Heron IOS by 3DISCHere at iDD, we are in the process of testing the Heron IOS, an intraoral scanner that is designed and manufactured in the USA by 3DISC. It is too ...

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Medit i700 Unboxing – scanner overview.

Here at the Institute of Digital Dentistry, we were fortunate to be the first in New Zealand and the entire Asia-Pacific region to get our hands on the Medit i700 intraoral scanner soon after its release.  We liked it so much we ...

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