CAD Software is the secret weapon of highly Efficient dental workflows

Whatever your role in the dental industry, dental CAD software is the missing piece of the puzzle you need to take your work to new heights.

Dentists gain complete control over the design process, enabling precise customization of restorations and treatments tailored to each patient's unique needs.

Technicians can leverage advanced digital tools to craft intricate restorations with unparalleled accuracy, eliminating mistakes and boosting overall efficiency. 

And Dental Assistants can effortlessly communicate proposed treatments to patients using visual aids, increasing case acceptance rates.

However, it can be really confusing to utilize CAD software to it's full potential - especially when you're lacking clear guidance.

That's why iDD has put together a collection of resources to simplify dental CAD software and help you get the most out of it, so you can transform your work. 

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your ultimate guide in dental software

Are you in the market for some new Dental Software or wondering if you've made the right choice?

With so many options on the market, it can be really confusing to choose software that fits your needs.

That's why we've created an extensive breakdown of all dental CAD software on the market, with insightful info on what makes each one different. 

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Benefits of Dental CAD Software

Experience the absolute control of your digital workflow and increased case acceptance.

Boost Case Acceptance

Create detailed 3D renderings and simulations, allowing you to visually demonstrate proposed treatments to patients, increasing case acceptance rates as patients gain confidence in their treatment plans.

Save On Costs

Reduce material waste by minimizing the need for physical mock-ups or multiple iterations. This digital approach is significantly more sustainable while saving you both time and money.

Increase Confidence

Many dental software's asses your work and provide real-time feedback. This trusted second opinion greatly increases confidence in your work and ensures high quality outcomes.

Complete The Puzzle

Dental CAD Software is the connection between all other equipment in your digital ecosystem. It allows you to effectively communicate between each piece of equipment and ensure a complete digital workflow.

Maximum Efficiency

Dental software allows you minimize downtime and maximise your time on important tasks. Your team can then focus on delivering high-quality outcomes, enhancing overall efficiency.

AI Assisted

Most modern software's use AI integrations to help increase the speed of treatment planning, bring even more efficiency to your workflows and produce high quality outcomes, faster.

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This is where IDD is set apart from other service providers

This is where IDD is set apart from other service providers, that you reached out personally to find out from the participants directly. As of now I'm good, learning through the fundamentals of Exocad. I'm sure when I reach to intermediate or the advanced level I will be able to reach out to you more often than what is now. Thank you so much for reaching out.

Francis IgnatiusBusiness Development Leader in Dentistry

There are no courses in NZ that understand and embrace the future of dentistry quite like Dr Ahmad and his staff at iDD. Nothing like a course where you can learn to scan, design, mill and even glaze your own CAD/CAM restorations using many different systems! Dr Ahmad spares nothing in order to achieve the greatest results in dentistry and it is evident in both the equipment and the knowledge he has acquired in his practicing career. He holds nothing back and I feel like I have come out of the course not only confident that I would be able to do this in the mouth but also a better clinician. 5/5 would recommend

Dr Kenny KimGeneral Dentist

Unbiased and pragmatic approach to CAD/CAM dentistry designed for GDPs by GDPs. Great niche and I am greatly looking forward to more courses.

Dr Akash KotaGeneral Dentist - NZ

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AI and the Future of Digital Dentistry and How it Will Change Your Practice

Discover how AI is revolutionizing dental practice! Explore the shift to digital workflows and how AI makes the adoption of CAD/CAM easier than ever before. Watch this webinar replay now!

3Shape Dental System: Tips & Tricks

Master 3Shape Dental System with expert tips and tricks. Streamline workflows, handle complex cases, and elevate your digital dentistry skills to deliver exceptional restorations. Boost efficiency and take your lab to the next level.

exocad-basics-introductory course-how-to-use-exocad-software-dental-institute-of-digital-dentistry

Exocad for Beginners - Tools and Workflow

Want to learn how to use exocad? Watch this comprehensive course to learn how to set up and use exocad for your cases. It is an extremely powerful CAD software and one of the best options on the market right now.

Clinical Tips & Tricks: Medit Webinar Replay #2

Unlock the world of digital dentistry! Master the basics of intraoral scanning and optimize your dental practice with the right tools and techniques when using IOS devices!

Why Bother with Digital Dentistry?: Medit Webinar Replay #3

Unravel the future of dentistry with Dr. Ahmad Al-Hassiny! Learn and understand digital transformation, from intraoral scanning & 3D printing to the role of AI. Elevate your practice today with tips on how to get started!

Single-Visit Dentistry: Medit Webinar Replay 1#

Master Single-Visit Dentistry: Dr. Ahmad's Proven Techniques for Flawless Scans, CAD Designs, and Same-Day Restorations that fit with no adjustments needed!

use aI to accelerate your dentistry

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the way dental professionals approach treatment planning and design.

AI algorithms can analyze vast amounts of data, including digital impressions, radiographs, and patient records, to provide valuable insights and recommendations.

 This powerful technology can assist in identifying potential issues, optimizing restoration designs, and even suggesting personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient's unique needs.

With AI's predictive capabilities, practices can anticipate potential challenges, streamline decision-making processes, and ultimately deliver more accurate and effective treatments.

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Dental CAD Software Guide 2024

The introduction of dental Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software to dental practices and laboratories marking a significant step into what we now refer to as 'digital dentistry.' 

Diagnocat Review

Artificial Intelligence has been one of the biggest hype topics in dentistry in the past couple of years. What is all the fuss about?

The Role Of AI In Dentistry

How are we currently using AI and what does the future of dentistry look like with this incredible technology?

IDD Compares: Medit Intraoral Scanners

Comparing Medit’s I700 Wireless Vs I700 Vs I600 Vs I500 Scanners

Want To Dive Deeper into Dental CAD software?

In-depth courses to optimize and maximize return on your digital dentistry workflows.

Mastering exocad Course

Unlock the Power of exocad with our Comprehensive, Online and On-Demand Training.

The course modules range from fundamental topics like setting up the software and designing basic crowns… All the way to advanced material like full-mouth rehabilitation and designing full arch implant restorations.

Expertly curated by Marjorie Andrade, an experienced dental CAD designer and technician at iDD Lab, this course will help you navigate the software's intricacies and put its powerful tools to work for your practice or lab.

CEREC Masterclass Course

This Bundle Is A Fantastic Way To Master Your CEREC System And Same-Day Workflows In A Structured Pathway To Success.

This bundle is perfect for:

  • Dentists who have just bought a CEREC and have no idea where to start.
  • Clinic owners who have the unenviable task of training their entire team.
  • Advanced CEREC users who want to take on more complex cases such as implants, bridges and multiple units.
  • Dental assistants who want to expand their skill set.

Gain Live Hands-on Experience

Learn from masters in digital dentistry and experienced surgical dentists, in person.

Maximise ROI in Your Practice with 3Shape TRIOS

If all you scan is crown and bridge and you're not confident using your TRIOS intraoral scanner on other indications, then this course will help you embrace digital dentistry across all of your practice.

Learn how to leverage your 3Shape TRIOS scanner and 3Shape Unite system to unlock better patient communication and engagement and improve treatment acceptance.