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CAD/CAM Materials Overview
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Here's all the great resources you get access to in the Free iDD Academy

3D Printing & Guided Implant Surgery

In this webinar, Dr. Ahmad Al-Hassiny will go over everything you need to know when starting off with 3D printing using FormLabs printers as an example. The entire implant-guide production process is discussed in this webinar.

Efficiency and Accuracy in Full-Arch Implant Restorations from Planning to Delivery

Dr. Michael Klein will teach you his entirely digital workflow for restoring edentulous patients using Nexus iOS, the scan gauges by Osteon.

Face Scanners in Dentistry - Everything You Need to Know

See how facial scanners are changing cosmetic dentistry. Digital dentistry pioneer Dr. Ahmad Al-Hassiny explains the what, why, and how of transformative tools like RayFace, showcasing their utilization in real clinical cases.

3D Printing vs Milling

Dr. Ahmad Al-Hassiny compares 3D printing & milling for dentistry, analyzing differences in cost, workflow, applications & more while advising on printer selection based on intended resin uses.

Contemporary Digital Prosthodontics Restoring Smiles - 3Shape Webinars

Master digital workflows for removable prosthetics with Dr. Tasopoulos and Dr. Kouveliotis. Elevate your practice with mucostatic impressions, 3D printing, and CAD/CAM technologies for precise, efficient, and aesthetic results.

Tips & Tricks for 3Shape Dental System - 3Shape Webinars

Master 3Shape Dental System with expert tips and tricks. Streamline workflows, handle complex cases, and elevate your digital dentistry skills to deliver exceptional restorations. Boost efficiency and take your lab to the next level.

How Digital Implantology Changed My Practice - 3Shape Webinars

Master digital implantology with Dr. Michael Scherer and revolutionize your practice. Discover cutting-edge techniques and technologies to streamline workflows, enhance precision, and achieve predictable, esthetic results.

From Scan To Delivery Edentulous Full-Arch Implant Planning - 3Shape Webinars

Master full-arch implant treatment with digital workflows, from guided surgery to final prosthetics. Elevate your practice and deliver exceptional results with Dr. Luis Cuadrado, a renowned specialist and 3Shape KOL.

TRIOS Patient Monitoring - 3Shape Webinars

Elevate your dental practice with TRIOS Patient Monitoring. Discover how digital scanning technology can transform patient care, improve outcomes, and streamline your workflow.

The Practitioner's Guide to Digital Dentures - 3Shape Webinars

Master digital dentures with intraoral scanners and revolutionary workflows. Elevate your practice, improve patient care, and embrace the future of dentistry with this comprehensive course led by renowned practitioner Leif Svensson.

Advanced Applications of a Digital Smile Design - 3Shape Webinars

Transform your restorative dentistry with Dr. Doug Watt's course on advanced digital smile design techniques using 3Shape software. Elevate your skills and deliver exceptional, personalized results.

A Deep Dive Into The World Of Clear Aligners - 3Shape Webinars

Learn clear aligner treatments with 3Shape digital workflows. Get expert tips on attachments, staging, and troubleshooting from Sokratis Gonidis. Transform your practice with predictable, stunning results.

A Beginners Guide to Smile Design - 3Shape Webinars

Learn smile design essentials from expert technician Przemek Seweryniak. Master 3Shape Smile Design software for stunning, natural results.

Why Digital Impressions are at the Core of Modern Dentistry - 3Shape Webinars

Revolutionize your practice with Dr. Mark Bowes' expert insights on digital impression technology - the game-changing core of modern restorative dentistry.

Start with the End in Mind - 3Shape Webinars

Elevate your smile design skills with Dr. Douglas Watt. Learn to plan, present, and produce stunning restorations using 3Shape's digital tools. Discover in-house manufacturing tips to boost case acceptance.

Digital Dentures Now and Tomorrow - 3Shape Webinars

Gain a competitive edge in the booming digital denture market! Learn how to harness cutting-edge technologies to boost efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver exceptional results that will delight your patients.

Exocad for Beginners - Tools and Workflow

Want to learn how to use exocad? Watch this comprehensive course to learn how to set up and use exocad for your cases. It is an extremely powerful CAD software and one of the best options on the market right now.

AI and the Future of Digital Dentistry and How it Will Change Your Practice

Discover how AI is revolutionizing dental practice! Explore the shift to digital workflows and how AI makes the adoption of CAD/CAM easier than ever before. Watch this webinar replay now!

dental photography thumbnail

Dental Photography Basics

Learn the fundamentals of dental photography and understand key settings such as ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture. In this course you will also learn the optimum settings for DSLR cameras and how to take intraoral photos in the clinic.

SmileFy - the Newest 3D Digital Smile Design Software

SmileFy is the newest digital smile design software on the market. It allows you to plan and create incredibly realistic smile design simulations all in 3D. Learn how to master this software in this course with SmileFy founder and CEO, Ralph Georg

Single-Visit Dentistry Utilizing Medit Scanners

Master Single-Visit Dentistry: Dr. Ahmad's Proven Techniques for Flawless Scans, CAD Designs, and Same-Day Restorations that fit with no adjustments needed.

Clinical Tips & Tricks to Ensure Perfect Scans

Unlock the world of digital dentistry! Master the basics of intraoral scanning and optimize your dental practice with the right tools and techniques when using IOS devices.

Why Bother with Digital Dentistry - Everything you need to know

Unravel the future of dentistry with Dr. Ahmad Al-Hassiny! Learn and understand digital transformation, from intraoral scanning & 3D printing to the role of AI. Elevate your practice today with tips on how to get started.

Mastering Tricky Cases to Scan

Learn to efficiently capture accurate full-arch scans in 60 seconds with proven techniques. Expertly control liquids and soft tissues to achieve clear margins on metals and implants. Troubleshoot stitching errors using efficient strategies.

Utilizing Intraoral Scanners for Maximum ROI

Learn how to effectively utilize your intraoral scanner to improve patient experiences, optimize workflows, and drive practice growth with valuable insights from Dr. Ahmad Al-Hassiny.

Fundamentals of Intraoral Scanning

Learn how to master intraoral scanning, including techniques and scanning pathways, as well as quadrant, full arch, and edentulous scans. In this course we cover real-life scan demonstrations, key clinical tips and tricks, and staff delegation.

Modern Prep Design and Margination

A complete guide for preparing and marginating teeth for CAD/CAM restorations, a critical foundation for success in digital dentistry. Learn how to prepare teeth conservatively in a range of clinical scenarios and place margins using CEREC and TRIOS

Getting Started with Digital Dentistry: Live Course Replay

Watch 4 hours worth of lectures as presented in our hands-on course held in July 2021. This course replay is for anyone who could not attend our live course or anyone who wants to learn how to start with digital dentistry.

The Ultimate Guide to Dental CAD Software in 2024

To help you navigate the market, iDD has compiled a comprehensive list of all available dental CAD software. 

Choosing the Right Dental 3D Face Scanner

What is a face scanner?What do they do?How do they differ from a dental intraoral scanner?Which one should I invest in?

Medit i700 Wireless Intraoral Scanner Review

Read iDD's unbiased review of the Medit i700 Wireless Intraoral Scanner + 2024 Update on Medit Apps

Diagnocat Review

Artificial Intelligence has been one of the biggest hype topics in dentistry in the past couple of years. What is all the fuss about? 

Characterizing Monolithic Restorations

This comprehensive guide is an additional resource for those who want to master processing and finishing CAD/CAM restorations.

IDD Compares: Medit Intraoral Scanners

Comparing Medit’s I700 Wireless Vs I700 Vs I600 Vs I500 Scanners

Intraoral Scanner Price Guide 2024

iDD's price guide for the most popular intraoral scanners on the market.

Dental 3D Printer Review 2024

iDD's objective review of the most popular printers on the market.

Digital Dentistry Workflows: Overview

A quick overview of 3D printing in dentistry - from the different technologies to file formats.

Digital Dentistry Workflows: Dental Models

Familiarize yourself with the steps involved in 3D printing dental models.

Digital Dentistry Workflows: Dental Splints

Explore the workflow of 3D printing dental splints and night guards.

Digital Dentistry Workflows: Dental Surgical Guides

Discover the process of how to 3D print implant surgical guides.

Digital Dentistry Workflows: Dental Crowns

Dive into the process of 3D printing dental crown restorations.

Chairside Zirconia

Dive into the essentials of chair-side zirconia applications, techniques, and advancements.

X-Guide Review 

Is dynamic navigation the next big thing in dental implantology?

The Role Of AI In Dentistry

How are we currently using AI and what does the future of dentistry look like with this incredible technology?

Alliedstar AS 200E

Read iDD's unbiased intraoral scanner review.

RAYFace By Ray

Read iDD's unbiased desktop facial scanner review.

Runyes 3DS 3.0

Read iDD's unbiased intraoral scanner review.

Medit I600

A high performance intraoral scanner at a low cost.

Virtuo Vivo

2022 Update

Aoralscan 3

A low-cost IOS by Shining 3D

Helios 600

A release by Eighteeth

Intraoral Scanner Reviews IDS 2021

+ IOS market update

AlliedStar AS100

The best Chinese low-cost scanner?

Fussen / DentaLink S6000

Low-cost Chinese IOS

3DISC Heron

Read iDD's unbiased intraoral scanner review.

Medit i700 Review DL

Medit I700

The best intraoral scanner?

iTero Element 5D Plus Review Download

ITero Element 5D Plus

The fastest iTero Scanner yet!

CEREC Primescan and Prime REVIEW - iDD

CEREC Primescan & Primemill

The leader in chairside CAD/CAM.

Carestream CS3700 Intraoral Scanner Review

Carestream Dental CS 3700

Read iDD's unbiased intraoral scanner review.


3Shape TRIOS 4

Read iDD's unbiased intraoral scanner review.

iTero Element 5D Intraoral Scanner Review

ITero Element 5D

Next generation IOS imaging.

Medit i500 Intraoral Scanner Review

Medit I500

Read iDD's unbiased intraoral scanner review.


Intraoral Scanner Reviews - 2019

IDS 2019

The Battle Of The CAD/CAM Titans

Comparison of CEREC Omniscan, 3Shape TRIOS and Planmeca Emerald Systems.