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November 13, 2023

Pearl, a company that provides artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for dentistry, has partnered with Gamma Tech, a provider of X-ray services in Australia and New Zealand. Through this partnership, Gamma Tech will distribute Pearl's AI-powered software Second Opinion to its customers in these regions. 

Second Opinion is a chairside tool that uses AI to detect dental conditions like tooth decay, bone loss, and abscesses in X-rays. 

It is the first software to be cleared for use in Australia by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). The technology gives real-time findings that dentists can show patients to improve diagnosis and communication.

Gamma Tech is a provider of radiographic services for the Australian and New Zealand dental community, dedicated to bringing next-generation technology to the region. The company provides expert radiation safety consulting, mandatory compliance testing/certification, and technical services for our clients and their X-ray equipment

Makenzie Harris, founder and director of Gamma Tech, said the partnership reflects their belief in combining next-generation AI with safety and regulations. Gamma Tech aims to provide practices and the resources to optimize equipment and meet standards. 

This partnership between Pearl and Gamma Tech will distribute dental AI software in Australia and New Zealand. The collaboration aims to equip dental professionals with innovative tools to benefit patients.

For Pearl, this expands their international reach for Second Opinion to the Australian/New Zealand market. John Schwartz, EVP of Business Development at Pearl, said:

“Pearl’s expansion into the Australia and New Zealand market is another monumental development in our international growth. We look forward to working with Gamma Tech to revolutionize care in Australia and New Zealand through the power of AI-assisted dentistry. By expanding Second Opinion’s reach to this new market, we’re helping dental professionals build a solid foundation for patient care that supports operational efficiency, effective patient education, and optimal oral health outcomes.”

Have you used Pearl yet? What are your thoughts on AI in dental care?

About the author 

Alessandra Paras

Alessandra is a dental technician who has previously worked in CAD/CAM and acrylic work. She completed her Bachelor of Dental Technology with First Class Honours at the University of Otago. Alessandra is enthusiastic about dental education and learning all about the digital advancements within the industry. She currently works as the Marketing and Social Media Co-ordinator at the Institute of Digital Dentistry whilst also providing insights from a dental technician’s point of view.

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