Diagnocat Review

Artificial Intelligence is a huge topic in dentistry. Discover one of the most interesting diagnostic tools on the market - Diagnocat.

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What's inside?

  • The PDF provides an introduction to Diagnocat, an AI-powered diagnosis tool, explaining what it is and the AI diagnosis services it offers.
  • It covers how using Diagnocat has benefited the clinic, with real clinical examples. It details how the clinic integrated Diagnocat into their workflow, comparing its performance to other AI diagnosis systems.
  • The review analyzes areas for improvement and future developments planned for Diagnocat.
  • Finally, it offers a conclusion summarizing the overall experience and value Diagnocat provides.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the document?

This resource is 32 pages long and packed full of useful information.

Is this for me?

AI in dentistry is a huge topic - and for good reason. As with any industry, AI has the ability to completely revolutionise dentistry and make diagnosing and treatment more streamlined and efficient. 

If you're interested in learning how AI diagnostic tools like Diagnocat can help your dentistry, this resource is for you.

Why do I need it?

AI Diagnostic tools can catch subtle findings in X-rays you might miss, confirm diagnoses or get a second opinion, and clearly show patients problem areas on reports.

Read this unbiased review it to see if Diagnocat fits your practice!

Dr Ahmad Al-Hassiny BDS (Hons) Otago
Director | Institute of Digital Dentistry

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I have already implemented the concepts taught and am enjoying the rewards.

The Institute of Digital Dentistry Online has so many useful tips for a dentist using scanners. Also Dr Ahmad has made it very simple, honest and user friendly in explanation. I have already implemented the concepts taught and am enjoying the rewards.

Dr Cherian ThomasGeneral Dentist - AUS

I really appreciate and feel honored being a premium member of your one of a kind institute

Dear colleagues and friends, I really appreciate and feel honored being a premium member of your one of a kind institute, I would like to send Dr. Ahmad Al-Hassiny special greetings for the special job that you are presenting for our colleagues around the world, My best regards to you all
Keep looking ahead to achieve the best

Dr Haitham AlFakihDentist and Oral Surgeon

Great material. Great research.

I've been reading your website iDD for years. Great material. Great research. So impressed I'm even using you and you're iDD website in my "What I've learned" dental practice management lecture to D3/D4 dental students at Temple University School of Dentistry in Philadelphia, PA USA. When I talk about scanner and technology I cite you often.

Michael BydalekDMD

“Digital transformation is not a question, it’s a given. Visionary dentists will lead the industry and those who don’t embrace digital dentistry will be left behind.” 

Dr Ahmad Al-Hassiny

Director, Institute of Digital Dentistry

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