Digital Dentistry will change your life.

When implemented properly you can expect an excellent return on investment, increased joy in practicing dentistry, and better patient care. 

Everything you need to master digital dentistry is found here, all in one place, at iDD Online.

Learn how to master CAD/CAM dentistry even if you have never applied digital dentistry before. Access comprehensive training from the global leaders in digital dentistry.

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Get the most comprehensive digital dentistry education available, without bias.

Right now, the digital dentistry industry is being led by the suppliers of the technology which have a conflict of interest - we exist to provide knowledge that is up to date, impartial and based on clinical experience.

Dentists, technicians and specialists message us daily asking, which CAD/CAM system should they choose or which one is the best system? When you have sales reps all saying their particular product is the best, who do you believe? 

It is even worse when you finally invest and find that the training provided by the supplier is substandard and really doesn't set you up to succeed with this technology.

We find that dental professionals are often just looking for an unbiased and objective point of view free from sponsors influence, where they can get practical insights and comprehensive education. 

We had similar issues when we got into CAD/CAM over 10 years ago. It was very different for us back then because so few people had even bought a CAD/CAM system to begin with. We had to take a leap of faith, and thankfully we made it work. 

There was a lot of things that we learnt during this time that the sales reps didn't tell us. We don’t want any other dental professionals to have to experience that stress that we went through by learning digital dentistry the hard way.

That's why we started the Institute of Digital Dentistry, to teach our colleagues everything they need to know to succeed. So in this way everyone can have unbiased and objective advice they can trust.

If you want to benefit from our decades of insight in CAD/CAM and make your digital dentistry journey a success - this is the training for you.

Institute of Digital Dentistry Online Membership

Join our global community, at the forefront of digital dentistry education. Our clinical masterclasses, digital workflows, online lectures, step-by-step tutorials and webinars span topics from restorative CAD/CAM dentistry and smile design, to guided implant surgery, 3D printing and more!

Training for All Levels of Experience from Beginner to Digital Experts.

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Progressive dental professionals around the world have joined iDD Online Premium Membership to gain access to the most comprehensive and unbiased suite of digital dentistry training courses and resources available anywhere.

Access 87 Courses

Over 72 hours of online CPD courses with new courses added every month. 

Webinars & Resources

Members enjoy access to all our webinars, training downloads, workflows and clinical resources.

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Join our global community of digital dentists to connect with and learn from.

Accredited Training and CPD Certificates

Our online courses are fully accredited by the CPD Standards Office. This accreditation is recognised and respected internationally in over 50 countries. We are also a PACE Approved CPD Provider. Upon course completion you will receive instant CPD certifications for each course.

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Each month we add new courses to your premium membership at no added cost. This includes new content that will keep you up to date, digital dentistry webinars, documents, downloads, clinical resources and video masterclasses.

Trusted by hundreds of dentists, dental technicians and specialists in over 96 countries

Dr Ramona Mateas General Dentist - UK

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU! I just started your online set of courses on digital dentistry and I must say...this is already changing my life, my vision on dentistry and makes me a more predictable dentist!

Dr Paul Bui General Dentist - AUS

I do definitely recommend these courses. It gives you a really good summary of all the CAD/CAM systems including TRIOS and CEREC, different types of mills and materials, so you get a good overview that’s unbiased.

Dr Vivek Panwar General Dentist - NZ

I recommend these courses to everyone who is looking to up-skill their day to day practice and learn CAD/CAM.

Explore the training inside the membership

One membership - 87 courses at the forefront of digital dentistry education. Learn how to master digital dentistry - everything you need to know to become confident with CAD/CAM is found here, all in one place.

The Specialised Learning Pathways below are sold separately to the Premium Membership Library Subscription

*You’ll receive a 10% discount incrementally for every year of your membership. See member benefits.


CAD/CAM Masterclass: Introductory Series

The perfect series of courses for those who are beginning their journey. In these 5 kickstarter courses we go over the entire digital workflow from intraoral scanning to tooth preparation, CAD design, milling and processing + material options. This way you can become confident with CAD/CAM and learn the entire workflow in a logical step-by-step manner.


Digital Implantology Series

Want to make your implant surgery more predictable and less stressful? Digitally guided implant surgery is your answer. In this series of courses we go over it all - understanding guided implantology, workflows and software options, CBCT assessment, preparation for implant planning, digital workflows for a single implant, implant based bridge and implant retained overdenture + All on X prosthesis.


Improve Case Acceptance with Digital Smile Design 

Learn the fundamental principles of Digital Smile Design and how to carry it out efficiently to improve case acceptance. We cover the different DSD software options available and compare the simulations of each, so you can decide what is the best software for you. While we go through these comparisons you will learn the entire workflow and how to carry out digital smile design quickly and effectively.


Aligners and Digital Orthodontics

Everything you need to know about clear aligner treatment and how this complements cosmetic dentistry. In these courses we go over workflows, aligner company comparisons, real cases and DIY printing aligners in-house.

+ Many more training topics including CAD tutorials, exocad software guide, material processing and finishing walkthroughs (polishing, glazing and staining)! 

Learn from global leaders in digital dentistry
Dr Ahmad Al-Hassiny

Founding Director of iDD, Digital Dentist, KOL, CAD/CAM Trainer and International Speaker

Dr Ahmad Al-Hassiny is the Director of the Institute of Digital Dentistry (iDD), with a mission to ensure all dental professionals globally have easy and affordable access to the best digital dentistry training possible.

He has seen first-hand through his own work how CAD/CAM and digital dentistry can positively change daily dental practice. As a full time private dentist, he has carried out many aspects of complex digital dentistry including CAD/CAM full mouth rehabilitation and cosmetic makeovers, all in-house.

Dr Ahmad is a global leader in digital dentistry and intraoral scanners, carrying out lectures as a KOL for many companies and industry. He is one of the few in the world who owns and has clinical experience with all mainstream scanners and CAD/CAM systems.

As the director of iDD, Dr Ahmad is happy to see dentists around the world develop the confidence and perspective of adopting modern techniques and reap the many benefits that CAD/CAM and digital dentistry can have on their career/practice. 

Building a team around him, iDD Online's educators have centuries of combined experience in digital dentistry. They will help you launch your learning experience and excel in digital dentistry faster than you ever thought possible.


Success stories from our members

Anton Martin Dental Technician

A Highly RECOMMENDED course unique to New Zealand. The Institute of Digital Dentistry presented by Hamid Al-Hassiny and his sons, Ahmad and Haidar all have great CHARACTER. COMMENDATION to a well balanced informative lecture base and hands-on touch. An ENDORSEMENT to an unbiased, peer to peer family approach. Digital Scan, Design, Mill in one appointment is the future, so DO NOT get left behind.

Dr Alexandra Booth General Dentist

Knowing which machine to use when, whether one machine is going to be too slow or not accurate enough… it’s a minefield out there. If you’re on the fence [about iDD], you need to jump in and do it, because at the end of the day, dentistry is all going digital. Everything coming out now is digitally-based. It looks so much better, and it’s nicer for patients. So, if you want to be giving patients the best treatment, you need to get onto the course and have all the experience you can to take that to your practice.

Dr Kenny Kim General Dentist

There are no courses in NZ that understand and embrace the future of dentistry quite like Dr Ahmad and his staff at iDD. Nothing like a course where you can learn to scan, design, mill and even glaze your own CAD/CAM restorations using many different systems! Dr Ahmad spares nothing in order to achieve the greatest results in dentistry and it is evident in both the equipment and the knowledge he has acquired in his practicing career. He holds nothing back and I feel like I have come out of the course not only confident that I would be able to do this in the mouth but also a better clinician. 5/5 would recommend

What do you get as an iDD Online Member?

Kick-start your digital dentistry journey and avoid making the same mistakes we made when we first started CAD/CAM over 10 years ago. There is a much easier way to learn digital dentistry than doing it by trial and error - let us help you launch your learning experience. 

So, what will you get when you join iDD Online?

  • Unlock a library of digital dentistry CPD made specifically for this platform spanning 87 courses and over $47,500 worth in training, resources and exclusive content.
  • A comprehensive list of course topics including intraoral scanning, CAD/CAM, fabricating perfect fitting restorations, digital implantology, aligners, smile design and more! 
  • Access our exclusive clinical guidelines and various PDF resources such as material processing and indications, ceramic restoration bonding guidelines and step by step workflows to maximize your efficiency.
  • Discussion boards and forums so you can ask our educators questions directly and interact with our community of progressive dental professionals.
  • Training for all levels of digital dentistry experience - from beginner to digital expert looking to up-skill. We have categorized courses based on skill level for easy navigation

.... and even more benefits

  • BONUS Intraoral Scanner Price Guide PDF so you can make buying decisions easily
  • BONUS Priority email support to help answer any digital dentistry questions you have
  • BONUS Access to ALL NEW course content released regularly
  • BONUS New courses are made based on your feedback = tailored CPD for your needs 

The Specialised Learning Pathways below are sold separately to the Premium Membership Library Subscription

*You’ll receive a 10% discount incrementally for every year of your membership. See member benefits.

iDD Membership

With an iDD Membership, you get access to ALL the course bundles, plus the rest of our 87 course library with new courses added every month.

You'll also get a discount on Mastering exocad and live courses run by iDD

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Get FREE courses + resources to start learning digital dentistry today!

  • Unlock 12 free ebooks, courses and workflow guidebooks 
  • New webinars and courses added every year
  • Get our full Fundamentals of Intraoral Scanning course
  • Get our full Modern Prep Design and Margination course
  • Access selected webinars and courses
  • AGD PACE CE/CPD Certificates for selected courses
  • Immediate and unlimited access
  • Free access forever
  • Over $5000 in value
  • A great way to start learning about Digital Dentistry
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USD $ 780 /year

Unlock 87+ courses + resources and master digital dentistry today!

  • Unlock 87+ courses + resources + guidebooks
  • All DSD Bundle courses included
  • All 3D Printing Bundle courses included
  • All Digital Implantology Bundle courses included
  • All CEREC Bundle courses included
  • Detailed clinical PDF guides and walkthroughs
  • AGD PACE CE/CPD Certificates for all courses
  • Immediate and unlimited access
  • Over $47,500 in value + 5% off Live Courses
  • 10% off Mastering exocad, Ultimate All-on-X, Mastering Medit and Introduction to Implant Dentistry: The Fundamentals (sold separately)

The Specialised Learning Pathways below are sold separately to the Premium Membership Library Subscription

*You’ll receive a 10% discount incrementally for every year of your membership. See member benefits.

Membership Benefits

Each year of your continuing membership to our digital dentistry library rewards you with growing discount rewards

  • For our online learning pathway courses that are sold separately: You’ll receive a 10% discount incrementally for every year of your membership.
  • This means that a member of 2 years receives a 20% discount, a member of 3 years enjoys a 30% discount, and so forth. However, the maximum discount offered for these courses is capped at 50%.
  • For our live, in-person courses: Your discount increases by 5% with every year of membership
  • This could translate to a 10% discount for a 2-year member, a 15% discount for a 3-year member, and so on.
  • The maximum discount for live courses is capped at 25%.

Enjoy the continuous rewards as our valued member!

Testimonial image iDD
Final testimonial online digital dentistry

You are Fully Protected by Our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

Digital Dentistry Course Satisfaction Guarantee

I am confident that you will love our courses, thats why if you enrol in our Premium Membership and you are not satisfied with the quality or content of the training, then let me know within 30 days of your membership registration and I will refund you in full. No questions asked.

Dr Ahmad Al-Hassiny
- Founding Director of the Institute of Digital Dentistry

Our members say it best...

Dr Kennith Lau General Dentist - AUS

This course offers an unbiased overview of many different systems. If you want to get into CAD/CAM and you don’t know where to start, this is the place.

Dr Shirlyn Sutedia General Dentist - AUS

It’s been so beneficial. Not only do you get to learn how to do everything, but you get exposure to all the different systems. I’ve learnt that I could do so much more. I had only been doing single crown restorations. I was scared to do anything else, just because of time pressure. But iDD has given me the confidence I need to do so much more.

Dr Amelia Paterson General Dentist - NZ

Amazing courses, the best way to see multiple different digital scanning and milling systems in action. I can’t recommend the Institute of Digital Dentistry highly enough for dentists interested in starting digital dentistry.

Dr Sai Lavanya Peramala General Dentist - USA

Helpful and comprehensive guide for beginners

iDD has given me a really good introduction into all aspects of Digital Dentistry. It is an extremely helpful and comprehensive guide for beginners in digital dentistry like me. Look forward to more learning!!

Dr Cherian Thomas General Dentist - AUS

I have already implemented the concepts taught and am enjoying the rewards.

The Institute of Digital Dentistry Online has so many useful tips for a dentist using scanners. Also Dr Ahmad has made it very simple, honest and user friendly in explanation. I have already implemented the concepts taught and am enjoying the rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in my membership?

With a premium/enterprise membership you will get access to our entire library of courses (over 87 courses and 100+ hours CPD), clinical guides, scanner reviews and downloads. You also get access to all our new courses - new releases every month!

Do I get a course certificate?

The vast majority of our courses are CPD verified and therefore we offer certificates. The only exception to this is our shorter 'quick tip' courses which are under 15 minutes. Upon completion of a course, there is a short CPD quiz which once complete awards you with a CPD certificate automatically.

Do you have training for dental technicians?

iDD Online provides training for all dental professionals, not just dentists! Although some of our courses are clinical based, for example, how to take an intraoral scan, many of courses are useful for dental technicians. This includes our ceramic processing guides, staining, glazing, crystallization, our courses about milling machines, and CAD/CAM materials, exocad courses, CAD design courses, and the list goes on and on. Dental technicians are welcome to join iDD Online and master digital dentistry. To see our course list click here.

How often are new courses added?

We create and release new courses at least every month! This includes webinars, software guides, technology reviews, clinical masterclasses etc.

Can I join if I am a student?

If your asking this question, we congratulate you on being very future-focused! In short, yes you can join if you are a student. iDD Online can be joined by anyone who wants to kick start their learning and receive the best digital dentistry courses available. This includes any students who are interested in the field. We offer student discounts so contact us to learn more! 

A topic that I want is not covered?

We are constantly looking to create new courses and provide as much value to you as possible. We welcome requests for new course content and we decide on which courses to create based on our members demands.

Can I stop my membership anytime?

Your iDD membership can be cancelled at any time. Please note that our memberships are an annual membership.

If you cancel your Premium Membership, you will be able to access until the end of your subscription period.

Can I pause my membership subscription?

You can not pause any of our memberships, however you can cancel a monthly membership at any time. 

In order to provide better value to our customers, courses will be individually sold or sold in bundles, which you will be able to purchase with lifetime access. If you cancel your membership, you will need to purchase the course/bundle to regain access. If you keep your membership, you will retain access to all courses in Premium Membership. 

If you have any further questions please reach out to our support team 

My personal guarantee to you...

My guarantee to you is that digital dentistry, when implemented properly, will make a difference to your life and your practicing career. It will completely change dentistry for you. I know when you take action, you will get results.

The principles I teach you in these courses our team follows day in and day out in our practices, and is how we teach our associate dentists and 50+ staff members to master digital dentistry here in Wellington, New Zealand. 

Once you get into digital you will never look back.