The Medit i700 is Launched – details about the new scanner from Medit

The Medit i700 has been officially launched by the Medit team in their new video.

If you haven't seen it already we recommend you do! It is reminiscent of an Apple product launch.

The Medit i700 has been completely redesigned compared to the i500, inside and out.

It will cost around 20,000 USD and has no subscription cost or yearly fees.

Below we have summarized everything we learned about this new, next-generation intraoral scanner:

Hardware Improvements:

  • 25% smaller and 12% lighter than the i500.
  • Very lightweight at 245 grams. For reference, the i500 is 280g. 
  • Scanning speeds up to 2x faster than the Medit i500.
  • Deeper scan depth and 4x colour expression quality.
  • 11 microns full-arch accuracy.
  • Scanning window has been enlarged by 7% while maintaining the small size of the scanner head.
  • Scans up to 70 frames per second (30 frames per second in the i500).
  • UV-C Internal LED to aid in sterilization of the inner parts of the scanner.
  • Has a completely detachable cable when not in use, but it is not wireless.
  • No longer requires a power bank, it can be simply plugged into any computer with USB 3 cable connection.
  • Scanner head is reversible, it can be rotated 180 degrees and attached (similar to TRIOS).
  • Mirror angle has changed from 40 degrees to 45 degrees to help with capturing tricky parts like the distal of second molars.
  • Remote control button added to the Medit i700 - enables checking and manipulate scan data from the scanner itself without touching a keyboard. This includes switching between scan stages and rotating the scan.
  • Autoclavable scanning tips - these have been redesigned as the i500 tips had cracking issues.
  • Scanning tips can be autoclaved up to 100 times (50 times in the i500).

Software improvements:

  • Scan processing times are 4.5 times faster.
  • Master model can now be created from separate scan segments meaning you do not need to adhere to a specific scan strategy anymore. 
  • Orthodontic module now includes automatic tooth segmentation like iTero.
  • Multiple bites registrations can be taken for each case.

That concludes this summary of the latest details about the Medit i700. This is a very exciting announcement and it will be interesting to see how the industry and other companies will respond in the next year or two. Medit has truly changed the digital dentistry landscape. We will be publishing a full review of the Medit i700 in the coming months.

See the video below for the full details. 

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