The NEW iTero Element 5D Plus Series

The iTero Element 5D Plus cart and iTero Element 5D Plus Mobile configuration

Align and the team at iTero have just announced a new scanner cart and mobile configuration for their latest generation iTero Element 5D scanner - called the Plus Series. This includes the iTero Element 5D Plus Cart and iTero Element 5D Plus Mobile, shown above.

This is an exciting announcement as it has been a while since we have heard about a new product, with most updates in the market being focused on software rather than hardware.

The release of this new iTero Element 5D scanner cart is a welcomed change and it looks much better than the older version. It is said to be engineered with wider viewing angles, to aid in treatment plan discussions with your patients. It also has a built-in sleeves container for the scanner on the back of the cart which is a nice quality of life addition.

iTero claim that the Plus Series options will enhance visualization for an optimized patient experience, with higher brightness, plus clearer and more vivid images. They also claim faster and more seamless scanning with a 20% decrease in waiting time for scans to process. Additionally, there is a dedicated AI chip in these computers, which is said to enable future AI-based features. We will have to wait to see if these claims are true. 

According to Yuval Shaked, Align Technology, senior vice president and managing director, iTero scanner and services business, “With over 20 years of innovation in digital orthodontics and dentistry, including intraoral scanners and digital workflows, we are focused on bringing the latest technology to doctors and their patients. We engineered the iTero Element Plus Series with the latest computing power, a dedicated AI chip, and new AI-based features as well as an easy upgrade path — making it right for today’s needs and ready for tomorrow.”

itero element 5D cart before and after

New and improved. The older iTero Element 5D cart on the left and the newer version on the right.

Part of this new Plus Series, is the portable version of the iTero Element 5D - the Plus Mobile configuration. This is a medical grade, compact portable scanner. The iTero scanner wand and computing unit are sold and supported by Align Technology, with a dedicated cabin size trolley case. It also has a VESA mounting, possibly enabling to be fixed to a dental chair. 

Although there has always been portable scanner-only option for the iTero scanners that enabled use with any laptop, this custom built mobile computing unit is a great idea and ensures that the scanner will perform as the engineers at iTero have intended. At this stage the mobile unit is not available in all regions.

iTero Element 5D Plus Mobile configuration

Both the cart and mobile come in 2 options: iTero Element 5D Plus or iTero Element 5D Plus Lite.

Regarding the cost of the new Plus Series scanner, the RRP is as below: 

  • iTero Element 5D Plus Cart NZD $68,100 excl GST (15% in NZ)
  • iTero Element 5D Plus Lite Cart NZD $56,100 excl GST (15% in NZ)
  •  iTero Element 5D Plus Mobile to be confirmed
  • iTero Element 5D Plus Lite Mobile to be confirmed

The difference between the Plus and Lite Model options is simple - the Near-Infrared Imaging (NIRI) caries detection technology is turned off in the Lite model. So the iTero Element 5D intraoral camera is included in both but to enable the caries detection function is simply a software upgrade and turning on that functionality.

Essentially you will be paying $12,000 more if you want the NIRI technology activated. Interesting business decision by iTero.

Note, there are always numerous discount options available such as the Fusion Discount or with Trade-Ins. With the Fusion Discount on offer it is said dentists can expect to pay around:

  • iTero Element 5D Plus Cart NZD $50,999
  • iTero Element 5D Plus Lite Cart NZD $36,999
  •  iTero Element 5D Plus Mobile to be confirmed
  • iTero Element 5D Plus Lite Mobile to be confirmed

How the Fusion agreement works is that there is an initial payment followed by payments at the end of each year, one each year for 3 years, from the date of scanner delivery. However, the three yearly payments are not charged if a certain number of Invisalign ClinChecks are approved each year.

The iTero line up of scanner options has now grown significantly and the iTero Element Plus Series expands Align’s portfolio of iTero Element scanners and imaging systems to include new solutions that serve a broader range of the dental market. Below is a table outlining all the different options. 

We have reviewed the iTero Element 5D scanner previously (click here to read the review) and found that it is a capable scanner with unique features, but overall we felt it was held back by the hardware. It will be interesting to see how it now performs in this competitive market with a new overhaul to its computing unit. Especially in light with Align's acquisition of exocad.

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