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May 29, 2023

With over 60 manufacturing and supply companies and more than 100 exhibition booths, dental professionals from all over New Zealand gathered at the Viaduct Events Centre in Auckland this past weekend.

Not only was our very own director of iDD, Dr. Ahmad Al-Hassiny, presenting at the expo, but we took this opportunity to have a look at what technology was present in the NZ market and how digital dentistry was being adopted by clinicians and dental technicians nationwide.

Here are the highlights of everything we saw across Day 1 and Day 2 at the NZ Dental Expo 2023.

3Shape’s TRIOS 5 is the Solution to Combating Hygiene in a Post-COVID World 

We recently released a full unboxing video on 3Shape’s TRIOS 5, so it was exciting to see it in action! 

Watch our interview with Joseph Tavalla from 3Shape about the TRIOS 5 below.

Something interesting we found out about the TRIOS 5 is that 3Shape has included a protective cover that you can slide over the scanner in an effort to improve hygiene - something that’s really important in a post-pandemic world. 

3Shape's TRIOS 5 intraoral scanner on display at the Ivoclar booth at NZ Dental Expo 2023.

Detailed Digital Dentistry - Intricacy of CAD/CAM Milling

The booth at Henry Schein held an array of digital technology, from Asiga Max, to 3Shape TRIOS 5, to vhf’s Z4 wet milling machine

A prime example of where the future of digital dentistry is heading was shown by the milling of a baby Yoda on a GC Initial LiSi CAD block with the vhf Z4, with details up to 10 microns small. 

The intricacy of milling dental crowns like the milled baby Yoda is not just about milling a piece of ceramic. Such intricate details can be enhanced using advanced technology to create a restoration that fits perfectly, looks natural, and can last for years to come. It's truly a blend of science, technology, and artistry!

Implement Full Automation with Amann Girrbach’s Ceramill Matik

The Ceramill Matik from Amann Girrbach was exhibited at the Oraltec booth. With over 36 planks using Radio Frequency Identification or RFID tracking, the fully automated dental mill machine was definitely one of the show-stoppers at the expo. 

Fully automated Ceramill Matik milling unit from Amann Girrbach showcasing 36 planks.

Boasting its automated cleaning unit, as well as a tool and material management system, its intuitive operated workflow is a step in the right direction towards efficient and effortless lab routines.

Watch our full interview with Judith Zwenger from Amann Girrbach about Ceramill Matik below.

The Future of Digital Dentures - Ivoclar’s PrograMill PM7

Ivoclar took advantage of their platinum sponsorship of the expo by showcasing their PrograMill PM7 milling machine.

What sets this milling machine apart from others is its ability to mill dentures chairside with their Ivotion disc, for quick turnaround time, as well as its ability to mill titanium, cobalt-chrome and zirconia crown and bridge. 

Ivoclar’s PrograMill PM7 milling machine and its different material discs milled.

It’s also worth noting that the PM7 is an open architecture, so besides using Ivoclar’s own materials, you are able to use other company materials with this mill.

Currently, our iDD Lab in Lower Hutt, is the first dental lab in Wellington to be in possession of this innovative technology! Exciting stuff.

Watch our full interview with Doug Stuart on Ivoclar's PrograMill PM7 below.

Vatech Australasia Showcases a Portable Imaging System

Vatech also showcased their handheld x-ray imaging system, the EzRay Air Portable. Weighing at only 1.8kg, this lightweight and portable option for imaging can be used in cases where patients aren’t able or have the mobility to stand under a regular x-ray system.

EzRay Air Portable on display at the Vatech booth.

In addition to their portable imaging system, Vatech Australasia also had their PaX-i Insight on display at their booth which can be used for detailed visualization, dental diagnosis and treatment for endodontics and orthodontics, CBCT assessment and implant planning, and more.

PaX-i Insight 2D Imaging System on display at the Vatech booth.

ZEISS Extaro 300 - Improving your Posture and Imaging Chairside

Based in West Auckland, ZEISS Group have introduced a chairside microscope, Extaro 300.

Extaro 300 by ZEISS Group on display with a dummy head for live demonstration.

This ergonomic microscope improves the clinician’s working position and posture but also provides augmented visualization. 

Instead of constantly looking down over the patient during an appointment, clinicians are able to look straight ahead into the focal lenses, similar to dental loupes, whilst the microscope captures what’s happening in the mouth.

Patient communication is also another beneficial feature of the Extaro 300, as ZEISS has created an app to wirelessly connect to a desktop, laptop or mobile device for optimal data management.

Watch our full interview with Mark Thorndyke from ZEISS below.

And that was a quick recap of some of the key digital dentistry features that we saw on Day 1 and Day 2 at NZ Dental Expo 2023!

Did you attend? Let us know in the comments below what you saw.

See you at the next NZ Dental Expo.

About the author 

Alessandra Paras

Alessandra is a dental technician who has previously worked in CAD/CAM and acrylic work. She completed her Bachelor of Dental Technology with First Class Honours at the University of Otago. Alessandra is enthusiastic about dental education and learning all about the digital advancements within the industry. She currently works as the Marketing and Social Media Co-ordinator at the Institute of Digital Dentistry whilst also providing insights from a dental technician’s point of view.

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