COVID-19 Update

To all our viewers, partners and friends throughout the world:  

The spread of COVID-19 continues to affect us all, globally. We are all together in one of the worst pandemics the world has ever seen. There is great uncertainty of what is to come in duration and consequences. Yet, we must stay strong.

This crisis has greatly impacted clinicians worldwide, and we empathize with all of you. Personally, we continue to face the temporary closure of four of our practices due to our country-wide lock down and doing our part to flatten the curve. While I am sure many of us are reeling about how so much has change so quickly, it doesn't mean life has to come to a complete standstill. In some ways it’s a blessing to find the space to progress the initiatives we normally struggle to find time for.

I would like to take this time to reaffirm that the Institute of Digital Dentistry will continue to focus our attention on education for dental professionals in the fields of digital dentistry and CAD/CAM. We remain unwaveringly committed to providing you with the highest quality content and CPD programs.

In this light, I would like to announce that over the next four weeks we will have two new CAD/CAM reviews published for you. We were lucky to have the CEREC Primescan and TRIOS 4 scanners delivered with no issues during this unprecedented time. We have been enjoying testing these scanners and look forward to sharing our findings with you.

We are also excited to announce that we will be launching our online academy within the next two months. The academy will feature high quality video courses on all aspects of CAD/CAM and digital dentistry workflows. Much like our company, we aim for this to be an objective and trustworthy resource for dentists worldwide. For those of you who are interested in online education,  you can enter your details below to stay updated. 

We are grateful to all of you who continue to visit our website and contact us with kind words. COVID-19 has created new challenges for us all. However, it is situations like this that remind us with determination and unity, together we will prevail.

Be kind, be strong. We will be OK.

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