The new chairside mill from Sirona – the CEREC Primemill

After 8 long years we finally hear about a brand new CEREC chairside mill. A lot of anticipation was building over the past week and the newest member of the "Prime" family was released by Sirona on Friday to a large reception. The Primescan now has a associated milling machine, named the Primemill which is boasting some impressive features. 

This milling machine frankly looks great and is said to be one of the fastest chairside mills available today. It is a wet and dry chairside mill similar to its predecessor with some large upgrades. We look forward to trialing this in the upcoming months but for now we have summarised the announced features below:

  • Blazingly fast milling speeds. You can now mill zirconia restorations in Super Fast milling mode in around 5 minutes
  • An improved grinding mode for glass ceramics such as e.max. Grinding these materials faster than its predecessor
  • Milling blocks can be inserted prior to the procedure and the mill can be primed ready to start milling by carrying out all touch processes before the tooth is even scanned. Cutting down further time out of the milling process.
  • Touch Interface similar to the MCL/MCXL but appears much more modern and upgraded. This helps guide clinicians through the workflow and maintenance procedures.
  • The mill has an integrated block scanner that can scan CAD material blocks with compatible data matrix codes and automatically records the information related to the block such as type, size, color and zirconia enlargement factor.
  • Brand new mechanical components, electronic components and machining algorithms are said to greatly improve margin quality and surface details when milling.
  • Brand new milling burs including a 0.5mm tool for detailed fissures
  • The mill is said to be 'titanium ready' and will be capable of milling titanium implant abutments.
  •  The cost of the mill is said to be similar to the MCXL upon release around the 170k NZD mark

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