Sure Smile Ortho

CEREC’s answer to Invisalign. How does SureSmile Ortho measure up?

With Align Technology aggressively marketing its own iTero intraoral scanners and in the US no longer accepting TRIOS scans for Invisalign treatment, many dentists worldwide are wondering what the future holds for Invisalign and competing intraoral scanners.  Now there has been a counter lawsuits raised by 3shape which just got a second favourable Initial Determination. So it’s […]

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Three Leading CAD/CAM Scanners and Mills Compared

This is a summary table based on the in depth CAD/CAM comparison article posted here: CAD/CAM Scanners Compared Instance 1 Cerec Omnicam Scanning Speed Scanner Size & WeightSmallest Scanning Head315 grams Ergonomic Design Inbuilt Heater(Heater is found on the cart) Full Arch Scanning Ease of Use Cerec Omnicam Design Tools Automatic Design Proposals Software Reliability Configuration OptionsCart […]

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CADCAM Dentistry Course

Should you invest in CAD/CAM for your dental practice?

Have you ever thought of investing in CAD/CAM technology and the benefits it can bring to your dental practice? Are you concerned with stories of frustration and technical issues surrounding this new technology? How reliable is it really? These are all questions that we asked ourselves incessantly during our journey in digital dentistry which started […]

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